Saturday, November 06, 2004

The Many Faces Of Footballl

Enjoyable day, Wednesday(IST), especially in the Champions League.

Started of with an okey-dokey match between Chelsea and CSKA Moscow (Chelsea playing away), which Chelsea won. Not one of the best games. Nonetheless the match did show that Chelsea is getting better by the day. Now that their star-studded side of last year has been whittled down they are forming themselves into a formidable team. Now that they are level with Arsenal in the Premiership I think their future is going to be even better. The main reason for this optimism is their defence. They have only allowed one goal in their Premiership campaign. That, my friends, is phenomenal.

Getting back to the Champions League, the second match I watched was the one between Arsenal and Panathinaikos. A letdown for Arsenal fans whichever way you look at it. The fact that the match was a draw (1-1) might look all right in the record books but the fact is that the gunners were found lacking ammunition inside their own fort. I was never an all-out fan of Arsenal (last year I was swaying between ManU and Chelsea, this year I am squarely behind Chelsea, and I am backing an underdog, Real Madrid:D)

Nonetheless I do think they have great players and are normally good value for money. I mean with Henry and Pires attacking and competent feeders of the ball like Reyes and Viera available they play the best open football west of the Channel. However their loss at Old Trafford seems to have broken their spirit. Both the games after that loss has been lacklustre and the truth is that have just about managed to scrape through both. Feels like they are sulking and it is getting just a wee bit too childish. Hey ManU are not the best and if you let them get under your skin it speaks a lot about you too!!! More about this rant in another article another time.

The last match I saw was the best - AC Milan v/s Barcelona. The game was played in Barcelona and the hosts were the winners, the score line being 2-1. The score line does not tell the whole story. This was a fantabulous game. It was to be expected when the best of Serie A was facing the best of the Spanish Liga. The game was so beautiful that even if the score line was to be 1-1 we could still say that football was the winner.

The first goal went AC Milan's way when Shevchenko(as usual) put one in 17 minutes into the game. It was a beautiful long ball from Pirlo that made this possible. It seemed to be going all Milan's way when suddenly the tide turned. It started with Barca keeping much of the possession. Then around the 35th minute Cafu got hurt on his jaw and was momentarily outside the field to have a lookup by the medicos. Play was still on and in this crucial time when they were one man less Barca came up with a beautiful play which resulted in a through ball to Eto’o who did not make a mistake. The Score 1-1.

The score remained the same more the most part of the game. However the game was riveting with both teams playing beautiful football. For Barca it was a must win situation and it showed with them keeping possession for the most part. Then came the magic moment. Just when everyone had resigned themselves to a draw Ronaldinho takes a pass from Eto'o feints to the right, cuts the ball at speed to the left. In the next moment he moves from a packed field at the centre of the field just outside the penalty box to the left wing which was completely empty, picks the ball up again and shoots it to the back of the net. All within a matter of seconds in the 88th minute.
Sheer Magic!

No time for Milan to make a comeback and a beautiful game ends. After watching the ManU- Arsenal fixture last week I needed a game like this to make me believe in the beauty of football again. Thank you AC Milan and Barca. And THANK YOU Ronaldinho.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Rohan's tour de force.

Hey check out Rohan's blogs : About Matrix
and About Injuns in the USofA

Really Really Good!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2004

An Urban Sunrise 
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"Let there be Light"

Funny how the cheesiest of phrases pop up into your head when you should be cringing instead!!!

In some ways the words are apt. Here I am, wherever here is!!! At least I think I AM!

I cannot see anything around me...anything of note that is. It is all stark white. 'Like the "Prayer for the Dying" video'. Inconsequential thought but apt again. It is indeed like that the depiction in Seal's video. I seem to be in a large, no make that a 'very' large, room; bright white in colour. Nothing in the room, bounded by the walls and the ceilings and the floor all reflecting light, or maybe creating light as I could not see any source.

Why am I here?

I am not ready to leap to conclusions so I decide to sit and think. No idea of how much time has passed. Does the fact that there is no change in my immediate surroundings mean that time is still, or worse, is it irrelevant. No! That cannot be true. I am thinking, which basically means that I must be progressing from one thought to another. This implies that I must be moving forward in time, on the assumption that each thought process does take some time, however infinitesimal it be. At least I think they do.

But that is not the problem here. I need to get out of the room and there does not seem any point of egress. Well! No point trying to think my way out of this problem. It is time to get up and check the room more closely. Since I have no sense of direction here I start to walk towards one of the walls. Seems like it is almost 10 feet away. In fact it seems like I was placed right at the centre of the room, as all the walls seem to be equidistant from me. Maybe it is some kind of optical illusion. Anyways, there's no time to be worrying about that.

Hey! I should have reached the wall by now but it still seems the same distance away. Even more worrisome it doesn't look like I have walked any further away from the wall behind me. Curious!!!

Maybe walking is not helping. Lets try running. I hate running but beggars cannot be choosers. To no avail: I end up with the same result. Now this is getting irritating. 1…2…3…1…2…3...calm down...losing cool will not help...there! That's better.

Look around the room again. Could the floor be a massive treadmill? ('Thank god at least all the walls are not mirrors like in most flicks. That would have been really spooky') Stray thought again!!! Get back to the problem! What if the floor is a gigantic treadmill? If it is then it should have some inertia. Lets try it out!!! I start running to one wall, just as I reach my top speed I take an about turn and run back ('Do I look like T. Henry when I do that? Maybe mirrors would not have been such a bad idea!') I did not feel any inertia from the floor. Furthermore the result seems to be the same. Not the best time to feel like I am the centre of the universe.

Maybe I did not do this right! Maybe the floor is very sensitive! Lets try a lot of zigzags. But first lets leave my pen at my feet. If I do this right I may not move a lot but at least the pen should be some distance from me. So here goes nothing...

... That was fun. Never ran so far in a long time. Lets see how far that was. Damn! The pen is right at my feet!!!

Now this IS getting g real spooky. Do I dare keep running for the rest of the day? Where the hell am I? Hey maybe this ain't really happening. Yes, that's it. I must be dreaming. No other explanation fits. What do I do now? Wake myself up!!! I heard that waking oneself up was dangerous. Maybe if I refuse to accept the reality of this it will go away. Yes! That's it! I lie down and close my eyes. That is much better. Yup, much better. Sorry 'White Room' you cannot frighten me for I know you do not exist. HA, HA, HA...sheeks, that was unnecessary and corny! Whatever, isn't it a moot point?

I can feel the idea is working, feels like I am slipping back into my sleep. Note to self, must analyse this dream tomo...

Bright light dazes me. I must have dozed off. Feels like I have had a nightmare judging by the heaviness I feel. I have to use my hands to pry my eyes open.

" Let There Be Light"

Funny how the cheesiest of phrases pop into your head...

Friday, August 13, 2004

The rivers roar in Pune

Mutha and Mula the twin rivers of Pune are raging. The two dams which stop these rivers normal flow has been filled to the brim by this years late, yet torrential, monsoon. The last time the sluice gates had to be opened the water level in the rivers were still less than they are now. The only time the water levels were more than this it was in the 70's and it was an all-out flood due to collapsing of a section of the Khadakwasla dam. So anyways, as I was saying the waters they are a raging.

This time around the Corporation has done a good job of warning the slum dwellers who were staying on the banks of the rivers; so there hasn't been any tragedy. In fact it has become the spectacle of the decade, with people thronging all the bridges to watch their gutters turn back into mighty rivers. I had a glimpse and it was frightening. The river looked ugly and beautiful at the same time. The only reason I could reflect of the beauty in the powers of the water is because I had my feet firmly rooted on terra firma, the river a mere side show in my everyday life.

What it would be to be in the centre of that turbulence? How one must feel when this giant just rolls over your land, your home, your loved ones? Chilled to the bone I was at such thoughts. Scared to death to even visualise myself in those waters! Gives one a clear perspective!!! Nature always manages to do that!

Now the rains will abate in a matter of weeks, the dams will close their gates and the river will become a gutter again. I will miss the river. I have laughed at its sorry state from the day I landed in Pune 6 years ago but today it humbled me. It explained to me that its sorry state was the sacrifice that was made by it for the betterment of the children of the land. Today it showed me what it had sacrificed. I will miss the river. It taught me a lot in while merely passing by. Nature does that!!!

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Another Hallmark event coming up

Yup, one more chance for the card companies to rack in major moolah -- Happy Friendship Day. Since I will not be playing to their whims, and since I feel it is criminal to bog down servers with inconsequential "Happy Friendship Day" emails I will use this blog to wish all of you who need to be reminded that I think of you. So here goes,

... H A P P Y .... F R I E N D S H I P .... D A Y ...

Whew! Now that I have got that off my chest lets get back to what is actually going through my mind. Friendship, the concept, the relationship, the fragile thread that can be become the cord that helps you climb, or a rope with an anvil on the other side helping you fall...Friendship. Been thinking a lot about it lately...not very coherent thoughts as you can see but thoughts nonetheless. There is a quote which tries to explain why friendship is so dear to most people. It goes something like this, "Relatives have been decided by God, Thank God we get to decide our friends". I used to use this quote a lot through the years, but only now have I realised the lie that it was, at least for me, at least consciously. I met one of my best friends this week and felt very empty after the time we spent together. As I was thinking back on our friendship I realised that It was not like we were best friends from the day we met. Granted, this whole idea of a best friend is quite confusing, but we were close in a very on and off manner till we got to the same class and remained together for the next five years. And I did not choose to be his friend in any of the years I knew him (of course i did not resist it either). It just happened; just like that! Poof!!! This has been the way with a lot of close friends I have they were strangers one moment and friends the next, the process was instant in some cases and gradual in another, but the point is that I never really had a choice to decide that someone was my friend or not; they just were. And That Worries Me.

That worries me deeply. It worries me because there is no specific inter-dependencies or give-take relationship between my friends and myself. It worries me because I have based my whole life around the fact that I have a family of friends with me. In other words my existence, to romanticize the notion, depends on idea of friendship being the highly pure notion touted by everyone. And it has been...and if you know my friends you will know that it will always be. They will always be there. That is a trust that will never be broken. But I still worry. I worry whether I will be there for them...whether I have ever been a real sense that is!!!

And what does being there mean? Should I e-mail all my friends? Should I call them every now and then? Should I have to keep reminding them and through them myself that I am their friend? Should I? Should I? Should I? You see me problem...I am not getting anywhere here, just a rodent in a wheel.

Anyway it ain't like it is some tragic comic stuff which is happening to me here. Just a normal healthy quarter-life crisis [smile] The last two years have been great in that I have managed to meet a lot of my friends again, though sadly only for fleeting moments. In a very roundabout manner, these meetings and discussions have been instrumental in pushing me away from the limbo I was in (and towards the confusion I am in right now [smile]).{Many Thanks to my friends for the push in my thought processes} And here I am again ending up thinking more deeply about friendship itself [hmmm...] Funny how it always comes back to that.

So here I am entering 1st of August with friends on the top of my mind. Don't expect any emotional emails or poems or tears from me(though you can depend on my laughter or my sarcasm any time of the year[deep rumbling laughter]). And do not wait for my call...I will call you when I need you [ha ha ha...that was fun]. But believe this; you all will be in my thoughts, today and everyday. Most of you may never know what you mean to me, but I am who am I am due to all of you. And for that I again Thank You. Best of Luck for everything you are involved in and GOD(/GAIA/SCIENCE/SPIRIT/THE HIGHER ONE/NEO/etc...) bless!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

The One Name They All Fear !!!

No! I am not alluding to myself, nor am I going to speak about Sauron or Darth Vader. No I speak of Van Helsing!!!

As is obvious this is one of the movies I watched during my break. It was tagged as a horror-flick so I decided to go alone as Megz hates horror stuff. To be frank I am not a big fan of the gooey slimy horror stuff myself and hence was pleased that the the tag was wrong. The IMDB site tags it more correctly as Action/Adventure/Horror/Fantasy/Thriller...and much more.

By now you must be feeling that this is some third rate B-grade bhelpuri of a movie. Well, you are partially right. To be perfectly honest the easiest way out for me here would be to slam the movie. I personally think that almost everyone I know will hate the movie. Yet I must confess; I absolutely loved the movie. Furthermore I was glad I watched it in the cinema hall and not on TV. Why you ask? Read on?(of course with the usual disclaimers)

The movie is NOT a horror flick; lets get that straight. What it does have are all the luminaries from the best horror literature around. And what is does with them is entertain, please note: Entertain not Terrify(though the characters are terrifying in themselves).

So here we have a movie starring Edward Hyde, Werewolves, Dr. Frankenstein?s Monster, Vampires and the father of them all; Count Dracula himself. Furthermore I read that Van Helsing too figures in Stoker?s book but I am not so sure.

They have pushed artistic liberty to its limits with they way they have played with these characters but the results are fun. We end up with a James Bond for the horror world, if you will, and the result is not all too bad. The acting department is not much to speak of, but then again it is an action flick, and hence acting was not something I expected. The fun part was the way they wove the creatures together, giving them a character that you would expect if you have read the respective pieces of literature. So you end up with totally animalistic werewolves to a monster that you care for to the granddaddy of cunning and guile, the Count himself. The story telling is fast, furious, fantastic and wonderfully unbelievable.

However all this would not have been enough. What really carries the movie are the sound and the cinematography. Beautiful is the only word I can us. The set design and attention to detail is also superlative. I did not completely agree with Hyde?s character as I felt it was more ?The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen? rather than the original ?Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde? but the depiction was enjoyable. The other characters were very true to my picture of them. So were the locations and this was the best part of the movie. So we had a gloomy terrifying castle in Transylvania while we had the old urban locales of Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the background(only half completed) Additionally there was always a touch of humour to proceedings as every horror and thriller cliché was lampooned, without losing the plot or slipping into a mere spoof.

All in all a wonderful experience of cinema! I enjoyed it immensely. Will you?

Sunday, July 18, 2004

A Time for R&R.

I took time out from my work during the first week of July. The month before (in fact the whole year before that) had completely sapped my energies and I desperately needed to rest. Since Megz had joined a new place of work there was no way she was going to get a leave. Hence there were no travel plans. Instead I spent the week in a different kind of paradise. All I did throughout the week was sleep, eat, play on the Playstation 2

Great week!!! I have lots to write about it, which I will try to put down here in the coming week. There are things I want to speak about Movies, about games, about computer science, about quarter life crisis etc. Let me see how much of this I actually put down on paper.

However there is one very important thing that I thought should be mentioned right here right now. All you people out there please do not underestimate the requirement of rest. Your body requires it, your mind requires it; hell!!! I am sure your soul requires it. Taking a break completely cut off from the world is very useful to clear your head. It gives you time to question your perspectives on life and change it if required. It gives you an opportunity to work out the priorities of your life, to work out the depth to which you are ready to get involved with things. One may not come out with a great revelation of life after such a break; but it does reboot your systems.

I deserved such a break and so do all of you.

Long Time No See!!!

Hello friends,

Sorry folks, for being on such a long leave of absence from this site. My heartfelt thanks you to all of you who kept visiting the site. I apologize once again for not finding any new material here.

I am back and will endeavour to get back on track here.



Thursday, June 10, 2004


Just happened to watch a movie called "ANTITRUST". Had fun, especially with all the broad swipes at Microsoft. Basically it starts as a story about 2 geniuses and geeks, one who joins the big bad world of IT Giants and the other wants to stay with Open Source. Please do not expect the movie to be geeky, it is anything but! And it is not about Open Source versus licensed software either, at least it was not to me. Basically it is a masala movie through which the common man learns of all these terms like Open Source, free knowledge, Global connectivity requires adapters, etc. Nonetheless good timepass...put it on your video rental list. here is one more link

Friday, June 04, 2004

The Old Grey Whistle Test!

Came home early and wanted to miss the Kusum crap. Put in a DVD and lost the
next 2 hours. Try it out. It is the DVD of a program which used to air in UK
in the 70's and the 80's. Phenomenal stuff!!! Like some one said...the show
put more emphasis on sound rather than visuals...and it shows! Great voices,
great guitar riffs, just wonderful. So if you see a BBC DVD called "The Grey
Whistler Test" check it out. This is the one I heard.Here's one link for
more history on the program.

Sunday, May 30, 2004


Saw Yuva the other day...interesting coincidence, what with having written a
blog of how the young should inherit this country some days ago.
The short reaction, worth a dekko.
The long one:
Seen movies of this variety before, in South films. Nonetheless there was a
lot which is saying quite a lot for these days. According me it had quite
realistic story(in a filmi andaaz of course). And it had great
action...really great fight scenes especially towards the end("Vikram"
Dharam is the fight director, I think). Disclaimer: the violence does get a
wee bit too realistic at times. My wife hated it, so if you are squeamish
thing again.
However I like this movie for a completely different reason. We have ACTORS
in this movie. I kid you not!. Ajay Devgan has proved himself in this genre
from some time, especially with his Company and GanagaJal acts. So you would
expect a great performance from him and he delivers. Ditto for Abhishek. He
delivers, and how!!! If you want only two reasons for watching this movie,
they are Ajay and Abhishek. And Rani, with another down to earth performance
is the third!!!
And the greatest star of the movie is Mani Rathnam, the way he has used
Vivek Oberoi, Kareena Kapoor and Esha Deol beyond their potential. At least
Vivek has some potential so not a big challenge there. However the same
cannot be said about the other two, and not their mistake really. Both
Kareena and Esha depend on a good director to guide them if they want to
make an impact beyond pretty face and pretty smile. In this movie Kareena
manages not to overact and Esha actually manages to act.
Again being a Mani Ratnam movie, all the other aspects were well done, like
music, locales and cinematography. Though I must point that the blair witchy
camera mode was a wee bit overused, especially in songs.

Any ways all in all a thumbs-up to the movie. Immensely watchable as I
caught the 11:00pm show and did not sleep through the show :)Pompously I
give it 3.5 stars ;).

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Da Vinci revisited.

For any one who might be influenced by my review of The Da Vinci Code please read Sujith's review of the same before you make a choice.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

site: HAIKU for PEOPLE

HAIKU for PEOPLE is a nice site to check out what Haiku and related terms mean. I specially try to incorporate the seasonal element in the few haiku's/hokku's I try to write.

Many people feel that one should not have to follow any rules as this is art. I say only two things,
one, to bend rules effectively you need to have had worked rigourously under those rules for some time, and two, if you do not follow this rule why call it a Hokku/Haiku. After all names are classification based on some rules.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

With respect to mailing in the blogs!

I tried mailing the last blog from my place of work. It worked quite alright but I realised that there are some issues.

1. I use the Word attachment to draft the email in my office. This resulted in a lot of template code which came into picture and messed up my page, with the whole right side column moving to the bottom. Lesson: Use text emails to post to Blogger.

2. I have enabled Blogger comments. However as you can see the blogs which have been posted by email do not have these comments. Got to check out if it is something that I have not set or a problem with blogger.

One pointer for people who do not like to read the Help:

When you are sending a mail and are pretty sure that your company is going to add a trailer to the mail, just add "#end" after your post.

njoy Blogging.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004


Summer storms,
Glistening droplets shoot up my windshield;
Pre-Monsoon Showers.

Sunday, May 16, 2004

New Blogger comments trial.

Trying out Blogger comments.

"I saw a movie" rap:)

Am in a mood for words,
and some rythym & some bass;
Bfore y'all doze
let me pick the pace.

Saw 8 mile this week,
yup, I know I ain't quick
but better late than never
to watch a good flick.

Liked the lyrical battles,
the in-your face wars;
some real kewl rappin
Not some lame MTV farce.

This rappers are dope
great jugglers of words,
a great sense of beat
flows through their blood.

If that's true hip hop
I am sold to tha plan,
show me some more,
of this man and this clan.

Now the movie was great
Meusic even more
It had that skill
to touch one's core.

So if you ain't seen this movie
get off your butts and go
to the nearest rental
to rent the next show

And if you want to act smarts
and disregard what I say,
like Lotta says,""F$@K YOU!
but have a nice day!!!"

Blogs Mailed To Order!!!

Hey BlogSpot Users,

If you haven't paid special attention to the new setup of Blogger,
especially its settings, you really are missing something.
This blog and the one before this one was emailed by me to Blogger and got
published automatically. Is that kewl or what!!! At long last the common
man's blogsite is moving to features given by more premium sites. Oh Yeah!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2004

The Young Should Inherit This Country!!!

Yup!!! Counting day is upon us and the past few weeks have been a roller
coaster ride for India with respect to the pre-poll meetings, voting, exit
polls and getting to know their "leaders again". I have had half an eye on
this election race and one thing that has attracted me is the presence of a
lot of young(relatively speaking) hopefuls in these elections. These guys
are really cool dudes. Take the case of Omar Abdullah and Rahul Gandhi.

Karan Thapar was asking various leaders(of smaller parties) today on who
they will support in the centre, the NDA or the Congress lead by Sonia
Gandhi. While most leaders were hedging their bets Omar said directly that
they would not be supporting wither NDA or Sonia. When asked for the reason
he cam out openly to say that they cannot support Congress in the centre
when Congress supports their rival party in the State. This was expected,
though not in such direct terms, but the real bombshell was with his reason
for not joining the NDA. Karan Thapar asked him whether he does not want to
help NDA now as revenge for them not helping his party two years ago. I was
waiting for the usual hee-hawing of most politicians and was stunned by his
answer "Yes Karan, that is precisely the reason". Kewl, a politician who
speaks his mind.

Now coming to Rahul Gandhi ... he has really starred in these elections.
Truly no one has campaigned with more impact than him. The other he was
quoted as saying that he does not care about these elections but would
rather look towards how his party can regain lost glory in UP in the coming
years. I said to myself "Hmmm, an astute politician". So imagine my surprise
when I heard him say the following today " We are politically against TDP
and Chandrababu Naidu. However that does not mean that one should forget
that Chandrababu Naidu has been in power in AP for 10 years and in these
years he has worked towards what he considered to be betterment for his
state. To take a person who has worked so hard for his state and ridicule
himn calling him elitist or computer babu as is being done by the media is
utter malice." Whoah!this guy has got guts.

Young dudes in politics, I Am Lovin It.:)

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

The Da Vinci it!!!

My wife was a little concerned that she had not seen me reading for some time now. This was quite a valid concern and I realized that I had indeed not read any new stuff after my return from UK. As I was mulling on how to restart my reading I remembered Darth Pedro's blog and his review of The Da Vinci Code. As he had given a good review I decided to try it out.

So as often happens with me I went to buy this book and ended up buying one more ...Zen and The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance. I could not find my old copy of the Zen and reading it is an annual pilgrimage for me. However more about the Zen on a different day.

The Da Vinci Code
is a great book. It is quite well written and tightly paced. It does fall into using the usual backbone structure of most fictional thrillers (sudden thrust of mystery on unsuspecting man, beautiful girl to help out, arcane cults, police mishandling situation etc.). However the secret of this book (and its saving grace) is how it plays on historical fact and conspiracy theories. The first book that came to my mind as I read this one was The Name of the Rose (an interesting parallelism as the rose plays an important part in this book too.) as it has the same feel to the story. Another reason it struck a chord with me is that I was quite caught up in the history of the Knights Templar on my visit to UK. Religious and vindictive knights also reared it head in comics especially the Batman series. This background did make me appreciate this book better. However even without any historical knowledge this book should still be fun as it is quite self sufficient with respect to information.

The best thing about this book is it's pacing. The mystery unravels so fast that it is very difficult to put the book down. I started reading it at 21:30 hours and did not put the book down till 4:00 hours, by which time I had completed it. No way could I sleep till I had reached the end of the road.

All in all money well spent, thanks to Darth Pedro for good advice.

Brij Is Back!!!

Hello folks, after a long break I am back. A special thanks to all you guys who were worried about me. All I can say is that there were some logistical problems last week and the weekend was spent lazing around and reading. Anyways thanks to those of you who have regularly visited my page. Please keep coming as I AM BACK!!!

Friday, April 30, 2004

Success is 1% genius 99% perception ;)

I used to have an easy life,
a clear idea of right and wrong;
an understanding of what was truth,
and what was false.

Time has however matured me (or so they say),
and truth is no longer clear.
Even worse I do not know
if truth exists.

So now my life revolves,
around perceptions.
My own, and what I perceive others perceiving.
And I try to move ahead with the appreciation,
of all perceptions around me.
And I Move Not!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2004

Dream Machines

Wanna check out a dream machine? Try the following article Howstuffworks "How the Bugatti Veyron Works".

Saturday, April 24, 2004

The BMan is on GMail

Hey dudes, I am on fact I have been invited to be part of Gmail...ain't that kewl!!!

Well the reality is that since I am a user of Blogger (which is owed by Google) I was invited (as I expect every Blogger account holder to be) to be part of GMail as an user. Nontheless I am pretty excited as I really wanted to check this service. In fact I had spoken earlier about it in the blog About Gmail. Especially since it will use google search internally. One pluspoint of being early joinee is that I got my fav. brijwhiz handle :)

So all you Blogger users, check out you front page of and get on to GMail.
For others, if you are still not on this service do not fret, I will try to get back with a review of the service.

Regards to all!!!

Aaya Re Aaya Elections Aaya!!!

The Gandhi family is back…with a bang!!! Most of us had assumed that the Gandhi name would have no impact on politics after the time of Rajiv. How different things have turned out to be. Even the presence of Sonia and Maneka never looked all encompassing. However the entry of the youngsters Rahul and Varun is quite ominous to the people who hate family politics. Their entry is proof to the fact that the Gandhi lineage will keep rearing its head like the Kennedys.

This time the drama of the election campaigns have been most interesting. It was interesting to see Congress push Rahul into the fray…and even more interesting to see that he might actually win with quite a comfortable margin. Another interesting point is the dependence of BJP on Varun. It is very curious how a party filled with leaders who hated Indira Gandhi’s guts (many times validly) is depending on her grandson, who in his turn is using her name to maximum advantage.

Before any BJP lover or Congress lover sends me brickbats let me clarify that I can understand that parties need to be opportunistic. I know that no party has any ideals except for populist ones like Ram Mandir and Gandhi Parivar. I know that I should be sad…but I am not…in fact I am ecstatic…happy to se that at the end of the day…regardless of whom you vote…we will get the same kinda of government…only the name of the parties will change. It gives a kind of stability (good or bad!) to the country.

Mera Bharat Mahan!!!

Friday, April 23, 2004

Speak out !

How many of you wnat to visit a certified "sizzling" blog of rediffblogs, Stand up and Speak out !(...or forever hold your peace).

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Flame of the west

Rohan manages to get out of the jerk list by his blog : Flame of the west

Alto :: Let's Go

Many of you already know this; nonetheless as a matter of record I just wanted to point out that I have bought my first car. It is an Alto LXi version. The site is Alto :: Let's Go.

When I was buying the alto it came in 3 trims, LX, LXi and VXi. LX version had the same engine as the Maruti 800, a 796 MPFI engine. However it had A/C and a 5-speed gearbox. Maruti had discontinued the 5-speed 800 and Alto takes it's place. The next trim is LXi, which comes with an electronic power steering. The next trim is VXi, which was way too costly for me. This trim came with the Wagon R 1000cc engine with 67bhp. My trim only gives 45bhp(more than enough for the city...and the way Venky uses his 800 should be good enough for the state highways.)

The Alto comes with no extras so I managed to convince the dealer to put in some extras, viz. Rubber mats, steering wheel covers, side skirts, lighter and mud flaps. I also put in around 20 grand more to get myself a Pioneer music system, about which I have spoken in much detail earlier, a security system(NIPPON Maruti OEM) with central locking, tamper alarm, impact alarm and ignition lock and Goodyear tubeless tyres.

The future, well in the future the two things I am looking for is a tachometer and alloy wheels. However that will be some time in the future.

Sunday, April 18, 2004

GUi Bloopers

A blog abou Jeff Johnson's book GUI Bloopers. A must read blog: MPT: GUI Bloopers. Be sure to read all the links in the blog. Now how to make the designers of OpenROAD read this :D

DrinkBoy: Adventures in Cocktails

A great site pointed out by DarthPedro :DrinkBoy: Adventures in Cocktails. Amust have link in everyone's favourites:D

Saturday, April 17, 2004

Good Show!

We win, nuff said!!!

Off the list

Rover, Hemant, SVR and Annon get off my list for their quick recovery. Girijesh gets into my uber-jerk list for not even being a blogger (shame! shame! puppy shame!!!)
Other respectable jerks being Sujith and Rohan...wake up ye lazy bones!!!
A very respectable mention(in the positive) to Nitin for the good work he is doing in his blog...chaos. Well done dude.

Other Uber-jerk members- Venky, Shaibal and Magi

regards and power to the bloggers.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Black Blog Day!

Just as a token protest from me against all jerks who are too busy to update their blogs. Yes! I mean you!!!

BBC - Lifestyle - Motoring

Another site pointed out by our car expert Annon : BBC - Lifestyle - Motoring

BBC Top Gear!!!

A top site of a top show, viz.BBC Top Gear. Thanksfor Annon for pointing it out to me. Thought I would get it on my site as he is not a linking blogger :D

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

About Gmail!!!

A lot of you might have already have heard about GMail and a lot of you might not. It was first heard of on the first of April making lots of people to believe that it was an elaborate hoax. Hoax or not you decide for yourself. Learn more about Gmail

Monday, April 12, 2004

Pioneer it is!!!

Got myself a Pioneer audio system for my car. It is the Pioneer - DEH-P5550MP. It is labelled as a multi-CD control High power CD/MP3/WMA player with FM/AM Tuner. Not much more to add except that I got it for 10000INR alonwith two 4" two-way speakers from blaupunkt. Good midrange sound...not enough speaker capacity for the deep bass or crystal shattering treble sounds.

285 kms 55 hrs!!!

Papa was here to help me take my car from the showroom. We took it out around 4:30 pm on 9th. Today we parked it below at around 11:30 pm. The tripmeter reads 285kms. Good Na!!!
Of these 285kms around 120kms were driven by my Papa and the rest by yours truly under his tutelage. Damn great fun. Especially when around 100kms of my share was on the Pune - Lonavla -Pune Expressway.
I love my car!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2004

Sublimal Thoughts

Read this sublimal thought on Annon's site. As his setup is dynamic I decide to preserve the thought by copying it here. The thought was:

Conformity: When people are free to do as they please, they usually imitate each other.


Friday, April 09, 2004

So many little attention span!

< static > …hiss…crackle……tweeennn….shioouu…< end static >
< static > …hiss…crackle……tweeennn….shioouu…< end static >
< static > …hiss…crackle……tweeennn….shioouu…< end static >

…elcome again to Radio 17’s “Souped-Up Machine show”. Before the break our man on the ground BK was just gonna speak about his choice for an audio system for his car…

< static > …hiss…crackle……tweeennn….shioouu…< end static >

…A-keep your eyes on the road your hands upon the wheeal…A-keep your eyes on…

< static > …hiss…crackle……tweeennn….shioouu…< end static >

…and here on The Commoner’s Show we move on to another unknown face from the crowd…”Sir, what is your handle? “ “Beoda”…”A very warm welcome to Beoda. So Sir what are your memories about music and driving…”…

< static > …hiss…crackle……tweeennn….shioouu…< end static >

…samaana bhi hai deewana; deewana kya kaheage…

< static > …hiss…crackle……tweeennn….shioouu…< end static >

…and I have always been a big fan of the Souped-Up Machine Show. When I look at a need for a system I want mid-ranges with a nice span to accommodate both the treble and the bass. What I am looking for is clarity…what I am not looking for is moving through Sindhi Society with my car vibrating on its suspension and going dinchaak dinchaak. Let me first explain the limitations…

< static > …hiss…crackle……tweeennn….shioouu…< end static >

…on the back of the roadhouse they got some bungalows…well at the back of the roadhouse they got some bungalows…

< static > …hiss…crackle……tweeennn….shioouu…< end static >

…and my favorite times being in a car listening to great tunes was with my friend Kapil in his dad’s Esteem. I do not remember what system he had but we listened to a lot of rock in that car. I distinctly remember listening to Led Zep and how the tape would skip at a specific spot due to bad recording…we would actually incorporate that skip as we sang along.
And we also heard the whole Sholay tapes…

< static > …hiss…crackle……tweeennn….shioouu…< end static >

…aaap Close-up kyon nahin karten hainnnn…

< static > …hiss…crackle……tweeennn….shioouu…< end static >

… and so I had to meet the budget constraint of 10000INR for my system (without the rear speakers) This resulted in my choice limited to the following brands Sony, Kenwood, JVC and Pioneer. As I explained earlier I was not going in for a cassette player so it was an in-dash cd/mp3 player for me. Again as I have already explained I did not want a system tending to bass, so Sony did not look great to me. So I had to decide between the Pioneer and the Kenwood. Both of them had great features. However I was adamant on wanting to listen to the system. My dealer then set up three systems for me. At the end of the day I decided upon the…

< static > …hiss…crackle……tweeennn….shioouu…< end static >

…roll bay roll…you gotta roll….

< static > …hiss…crackle……tweeennn….shioouu…< end static >

…Doors was another group I heard for the first time in a car. I was with a friend of mine…quite a junkie he was in his Fiat. I heard Roadhouse Blues and Highway Star for the first time in his car. He needed the Deep Purple cassette but was adamant that I take the Doors cassette to listen to it. Since he was offering me the cassette and Moraka I happily accepted the first and firmly rejected the latter. Left the cassette in Venky’s place and came back after a couple of days to find that Venky did not really like it. That was very surprising. On probing further he said some inane reasoning like it was too heavy or it was too druggie or some such shit. I forced him to keep hearing for one more day. The next day I cam for the cassette but he was not ready to return it. In fact he kept it for close to 6 months. Even now he is almost an established authority on Doors…

< static > …hiss…crackle……tweeennn….shioouu…< end static >

…aaj ki khel ki khabron main…Pakistan Lahore test Jeet gayen bade asa…

< static > …hiss…crackle……tweeennn….shioouu…< end static >

…And that was BK with his choice. What about you do you have any special choice … do write into the “Souped-Up Machine Show” at POBox no…

< static > …hiss…crackle……tweeennn….shioouu…< end static >

…I wake up in the morning and I got myself a beer…the future’s uncertain and the end is always near…

< static > …hiss…crackle……tweeennn….shioouu…< end static >
< static > …hiss…crackle……tweeennn….shioouu…< end static >
< static > …hiss…crackle……tweeennn….shioouu…< end static >
< static > …hiss…crackle……tweeennn….shioouu…< end static >

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

More on tubeless tyres.

Many people ask me on how puntures are fixed in tubeless tyres. I am linking one of the articles that I used to understand this:
One more article on tubeless tyres: The Tribune - Windows - Good Motoring

Goodyear Eagle F1

Have been researching a lot on tubeless tyres this past few days( reason why I was getting lax in blogging). In this same period one of my friends Victor was asking me how F1 car manufacturers and parts providers benefit from the races. The following link should help explain how this helps: Goodyear Eagle F1

Monday, April 05, 2004

Changes again...

...please to comment...much obliged!!!

An open request

Would you want to recruit a person who knows the syntax of a programming language thoroughly, including every comma and syntax (or as the case might be, every control of a form or every trick of a tool; you get the idea) or would you rather recruit a person who can analyse and wants to solve problems?

For me the above question is a basic no-brainer. Any given day of the week I will go for the latter. Knowledge of syntax, tools etc. will surely help but are not essential. The keys traits that I require are curiosity, analytical skill, and above all a driving need to solve problems and take on challenges. For a long time I have interviewed people on these basis. To be entirely frank I have had to recruit freshers into the company after checking on only their basic theoretical skills but that was due to the fact that the company was on head-hunting spree and to meet the numbers we were trying in to get in every potential candidate. However for interviews to my own group I try to be much more stricter and really require people who are ready to solve, who know more about software engineering than just the tools of the trade, who have some inkling of what is going on around them. I strongly feel hat every person should aspire to be problem solvers rather than expert of an inanimate thing like a language or a protocol.

After reading the above paragraph you must be having a fair idea of where I stand on the matter of interviews and interviewing. (For an even better idea check out my favourite links about this subject : Joel on Software - The Guerrilla Guide to Interviewing & "MadMan" on interviews) Imagine my surprise( or a rude shock depending on how you look at it) when I found from my friend that in all the interviews she has attended (as an interviewee) they always ask her syntactical questions( of the variety of how is a certain interface called and with which keyword or which function in which java library is required to do XYZ job). Come on!!! That’s what manuals are for. Why in the name of heaven would a person want to learn this information by rote?!?

I could rant on forever but that is not the goal of this blog.

The main concern I had, which made me write this blog, is to do with the advice that I regularly give people (yup, people actually come up to me for advice!!!)
Whenever a kid (broadly meaning younger to me either by age or experience in IT) has approached me with request for guidance for career growth I have always told them to be problems solvers. My normal advice is to not just be an expert in a certain language or tool. Instead I ask them to be an expert in the domain they are working in and gain enough expertise in tools to help them solve problems faster. Key phrase being ”to solve problems”. Now with this new knowledge of how interviews are being held I am worried whether I have been giving the wrong advice all the time.

So now to my request…can you my readers please give me an idea (from your practical knowledge) of what my advice should be? I would not want to mess up people’s chances making them conform to some idealistic professional Shangrila I have.

Many Thanks for the same.

Sunday, April 04, 2004



If I were a character in The Lord of the Rings, I would be Faramir, Man of Gondor, the humble younger brother of Boromir.

In the movie, I am played by David Wenham.

Who would you be?
Zovakware Lord of the Rings Test with Perseus Web Survey Software

Friday, April 02, 2004

And thanks for all the fish...

Thank you for all your comments about the look and feel of the page. I will work on it this weekend...lets see if the next version is better. Was busy this do not have much to write.

In the meantime why don't you pay a visit to ANON's page. The link is available on the right. He has added a lot of links and scripts which could be useful for your own sites.

NJoy the day and hope no one was made a fool of yesterday:)

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

More tinkering with the format.

I just do not seem to find any peace with my format. I have changed the colours again. What do you think???

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

'I was taken by surprise' - Tendulkar

The debate on whether the call for declaration (in the 1st Indo-Pak Test Mach at Multan) came at the right time will continue for some time. (I personally think that they should not have played after the tea session). However I found the comments made by Tendulkar quite unneccessary and immature. I love the guy but he needs to understand that every word he says is fanatically followed by fanatical fans. He should have better restraint than openly coming out with his disappointment. For a team to perform well it must be seen to be One...and Tendulkar's comments('I was taken by surprise' - Tendulkar) are not helpful in that context.

Thisis something that I find shocking in Sachin's communication with the world. On the cricket field you can see the amount he has matured as a player. However outside the field he sems to act childish...first with his ferrari car, now with this. He seriously needs an image advisor!!!

This was my take on the situation. Comments as usual are most welcome.
(Tum ek comment donge to main do doonga :))

Monday, March 29, 2004

RSS feed rectified.

I just realized that my RSS feed had the wrong link. Rectified it with the link provided by DarthPedro. Now the RSS feed should be working fine.

While on the topic of realization I noted that I have not apologized for my absence from this space last week.

So a big apology to all my readers, and heartfelt gratitude for people who worried about my absence. I was just a little busy with some stuff and blogging kinda took a back seat. However I am back!!!

So keep blogging all of you!!!

I confess...

...I oogled at two beauties tonight.

The beauties in question were exquisite, powerful, tempremental and the pride of their owners!!!
One was the 500CC std. Enfield of Ranjith. Great vehicle. Got the phots...will try to post it soon. His bike has a military feel to it. I like that look a lot!!! Ranjith, lets here mor about your relation with her on your blog!!!

The other beauty was the new Indica bought by Mandar. Now this is one beauty with a large heart and a large bosom. The color of this vehicle was a very fine color of mettalic blue. I think the actual shade is called Amethyst Blue. One really smooth vehicle. 1600CC, Diesel engine, power steering, central locking, sony system...great vehilce. Good buy Mandar!

Cn't wait for my vehicle to come!!!

Manchester United 1 - Arsenal 1 !!!!!

Another draw between the Gunners and the Red Devil’s. Man! You need to have a pacemaker to see these two teams fight it out. You cannot rest till the very last minute. My friends Ranjith and Mandar were over to watch the match. Ranjith is an Arsenal fan and cam in Arsenal gear. Not to be outdone both Mandar and myself were wearing Man U t-shirts. So as one can imagine we had a great time watching the match.

However my honest opinion is that the match was Arsenal’s to win. They should have sealed Man U’s fate but let them go scot-free. I think Arsene tried to get defensive too early ion the second half. Arsenal was better when they were positive and attacking.

Anyways this result will not affect the leader board too much and Arsenal seem all set to win the Premiership this year However one is left wondering that the Gunners have still not managed to stamp their authority over the Devils.

Great Innings by Sehwag!!

I do not have much to talk about today’s game as I found the wicket quite one-sided leading to a very stale first day(enjoyable only from India’s point of view). Nonetheless, I am very happy with Sehwag’s performance. Especially the fact that he stuck to the task of making runs throughout the day. I always feel that he is wasting his talent by just being a hitter. With a little more thought he can keep hitting and still make big scores. Today he proved that in the most convincing way. Great work dude!!! Go on to make 300+

Sunday, March 28, 2004

A night at Gaurav, Parag and Surya's Kholi :)

We spent Saturday evening at Gaurav's place. Had a whale of a time.

First Parag treated us to exquisitely fried fish. The taste was just out of this add the good feeling was the aroma...hmmmm... nothing like fried fish to uplift one’s spirits. When you add the fact that we actually had some spirits (Chivas Regal to be specific) then you can understand that the environment (mahol) was getting to be quite enjoyable.

We started off by playing UNO. This is one hell of a game. Had great fun, especially when Surya had to keep picking up cards as he kept forgetting to say UNO at the penultimate cards. This was all the more hilarious as he felt that this was the most stupid rule and no one would forget such a simple rule, and here he was picking up card after card :D. However full marks to Surya for being a very good sport!!! I for one will be ready to play another game with him anytime.

And we must not forget Parag picking up a card and forfeiting his turn though he had both a number card to play as well as a colour card and could have played either. Thoda high ho gaya hoga J

On the food front we moved to the main course…roti, chawal, chole, raita and gobi. I cannot speak for the roti as I did not have any. I preferred the combination of rice and chole with raita. My all time fav…especially as the raita was boondi raita J And the chole was fabulous…do not take my word for it…check this out with the best chole maker this side of the Vindhya’s…my wife. Both of us absolutely loved the chole…so if any of you PYT’s want a husband who can cook a killer meal of chole then try out Gaurav J (for fried fish Parag is available J)

Anyways after the meal we moved on to light entertainment; playing all MP3s and dancing till midnight.

A fabulous evening with great people…a most auspicious way to enjoy the weekend.

Song of the evening … “Jahan Chaar Yaar Mil Jaye Wahin Raat Ho Gulzar” – Sharabi.

Saturday, March 27, 2004

Friday Five

If you

1. ...owned a restaurant, what kind of food would you serve?
- Continental

2. ...owned a small store, what kind of merchandise would you sell?
- Books

3. ...wrote a book, what genre would it be?
- Detective (Noir)

4. ...ran a school, what would you teach?
- Programming

5. ...recorded an album, what kind of music would be on it?
- Hard Jazz

Learn more of friday five at the following site: the friday five.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Result of malaysian grand prix web poll

As can be seen the readers of this site would make great poker players. Schumi won this poll comprehensively as can be checked here.

Monday, March 22, 2004

Dravid shines again; so does Schumi!!!

Again the old dependables came to the fore and made my day on this great Super Sunday.

First Schumi and Ferrari gave a big morale buster to the rest of the field by Schumi winning the Malaysian Grand Prix and Barrichelo coming in fourth. By winning on a track which was supposedly not so great for his car he again hpwed his quality. Hats off to him.

On to the match. Over the last few matches I have been of the view that it is the responsibility of the openers to stick till at least the 10th over. If they do make fast runs it doesn't hurt but sticking around also helps the team by wasting the efforts of the opposing lead bowlers. For eg. Sehwag might score a blistering 25 in 15 balls but he needs to be around otherwise we will reach the situation we reached today. Thanks again to the WALL and to the two youngsters, Yuvraj and Kaif for not losing their heads and playing a very composed innings. This victory is only due to their efforts. And a special thanks to our fourth batsman...the Pakistani bowlers.

Just check these stats of the top four scores of the Indian innings.

R Dravid not out 76 runs in 141 balls
M Kaif not out 71 runs in 79 balls

Extras 37 runs in 0 balls

Yuvraj Singh c Yousuf Youhana b Mohammad Sami 36runs in 44 balls.

So again, a special thank you to the Pakistani bowlers!!!

And of course one more thank you to Dravid cause...


Sunday, March 21, 2004

CSS Color Names

For all you Bloggers out there with little knowledge of Web development and lots of imagination here's a site to add colors to our life and site: CSS Color Names.

Saturday, March 20, 2004

Atoms, RSS feeds, Aggregators, Comments and Trackbacks and more!!!

For a detailed article of one or all of the above visit DarthPedro: Random Thoughts. Good blog. (Also gives me a chance to be lazy and go to sleep earlier:) )

Friday, March 19, 2004

Friday Five.

1. What was the last song you heard?
- Life is a Highway- Tom Cochrane.

2. What were the last two movies you saw?
- Ab Tak Chappan - one of the best movies of recent times in Hindi cinema.
- Lord Of The Rings - The Return Of The King.

3. What were the last three things you purchased?
- Maggi Instant Noodles
- Iced Mocha
- Pizza

4. What four things do you need to do this weekend?
- Study quotations for new car.
- Watch Malaysian Grand Prix. Hope ferrari do good here.
- Write a scope document related to my work.
- Watch 4th India-Pak one day match(Cricket). Very important for India to win this one.
5. Who are the last five people you talked to?
- Meghna - my wife
- Jenny - my friend
- Ravi - my friend and team-mate
- Niraj - my friend and team-mate
- Arvind - my friend and team-mate

Learn more of friday five at the following site: the friday five.

Neil Gaiman...the man behind Sandman!!!

Again Thanks to DarthPedro for pointing out this great man's weblog. Why is he great? Well just hop over to Darth's site(DarthPedro: Random Thoughts) to check that out. However in addition to all that DarthPedro has pointed out I must add my bit.

For me Neil Gaiman is GAWD for one thing and one thing alone...He made "SANDMAN". I am not in any way capable of giving a precis on the Sandman series. Suffice it to know that if you see the Sandaman comic anywhere, then beg, borrow or steal it as each of this comic is a reaaaaal trip. I kid you not!!!

It is one of the best series ever and really really deep. (please do not confuse this sandman with the sandman from the golden age of Marvel Heroes). So kiddos go out and get it!!!

You can find his blog here: Neil Gaiman's Journal

One more friend in the blogsphere!!!

I have been speaking of the usefulness of trackbacks to a lot of people and today I can show you a practical case. I had a trackback on the Dilbert feed and took the leap to the link mentioned. It was a page named DarthPedro: Random Thoughts. A well written and well maintained site.

Now before anyone jumps to a conclusion that I am writing this piece in a kind of I'll scratch your back you scratch mine attitude please allow me to continue.

Anyways I was going through his blogs in chronological order and ended up at the latest. Now please bear in mind that I was in his area due to the fact that the Dilbert feed connected with him and he wanted to help spread the word. Well the same feeling came to me reading his blog for the 17th as i was about Neil Gaiman. Don't know who I am speaking of? I will explain more in the next blog.

As I was saying trackback is good. Thanks DarthPedro for taking the trouble to use this service.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Manjrekar was the cause of our loss!!!

Call me paranoid, superstitious or any thing you want but I think Manjrekar was the cause of our loss against Pakistan.
It is a proven scientific fact (generalizing wildly and using lot of imaginative leeway of course!) that whenever Manjrekar comments about how great the Little Master is, and how difficult it is for bowlers to get him out, his wicket falls. Even this time just when Manjrekar mentioned that it looks like Sachin will be difficult to dislodged he got out...that too to the very next ball. And this is not the first time!!! I have seen this happen for the last 3-4 years. Sachin did not perform too well in the world cup due to Manjrekar. In Australia with no Manjrekar around Sachin flourished. So the secret to winning this series...bring Manjrekar home!!! And if possible ask him to bring along Sami and Shoaib too :)

But I see you are still not convinced. You say what about the good performances of Balaji and Powar? Well you can thank my wife for that. She studiously kept her head buried in the daily paper and that is the reason they flourished!!! Guess I am going to buy all the daily papers for the next match. My wife's ken will beat Manjrekar's ken any-day!!! :D

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Pakistan 1 India 1

We lost this time to Pakistan. The match was fun nonetheless. Again there is scope for improvement. Sachin’s innings was top class but failed to help India win. And it is not often that you see the Wall crumble. Balaji and Powar showed the big boys how it is done :D. However my fav today were the Pakistani bowlers. Wish we could have combined coaching camps before the next world cup. Sami was the pick of the lot and I consider that his bowling was a very important factor for tying our batsmen down. At the end of the day Pakistan and cricket (as my team-mate was saying this morning) won.

However I was more interested with the Prasar Bharti fiasco. How can a company take a free feed from someone else and still have the shamelessness of showing their own ads. Many Indians are pissed of at Ten sports for supposedly playing spoilsport. I must disagree with this view. Ten runs a business and as such they are going to watch their bottom line. It is not for them but for the government and Prasar Bharti to worry about the Indian people. If Prasar Bharti had shown last matches telecast without trying to make money by showing their own ads then they would have got the higher moral ground and Ten Sports would also have been pacified. Instead Prasar Bharti just showed what top class idiots they are by not only taking apiece of the pie but also leaving the signal unencrypted thus affecting Ten’s profits all over the world!!!

The government could have solved this issue as soon as Ten had got the rights by getting into the act earlier and convincing them to let DD also show the feed for a minimal cost with unaltered signal. I am sure that sooner or later Ten would have seen the benefit of letting their signal ride on DD thereby getting a chance to reach all oparts of India.

We Indians need to come to a decision and need to make that decision soon, do we want to take the capitalism path. If we do then we need to understand, appreciate and respect the market. A monopoly is bad but so is stealing. I am not trying to take a holier than thou position here as I am myself guilty of these very acts. However in the whole picture we need to inculcate an attitude where we either pay for what we want or else make do with the alternative. That is how the open market works and we cannot step into it half-hearted. We cannot try to use Socialistic ideas whenever it inconvenient and capitalist ideas on other days. It has to be a full push towards one or the other goal. Looking at the state of socialism around the world, and considering how Indians are more materialistic then communal in today’s age, I guess the only real approach is capitalism for us. In this atmosphere stupid acts like ones by Prasar Bharti cannot and should not be tolerated.

What do you the esteemed reader think?


I have heard of close matches and easy ones. We have sat through desperate times when India has gone all out to lose matches. However, West Indies second innings in the 1st test match 1st Test: West Indies v England at Kingston, 11-15 Mar 2004 defies logic. 47 runs(5 runs were extra) all-out!!!. I do not even have any comment to make. Last time it was 54 all out now 47...are they trying for a dubious record of getting max number of low runs record!!!

Check out this pic of all ten England fielders round the bat, West Indies on the receiving end of a field setting that used to be their speciality.

Ides of March

Beware the Ides of March Ides of March they said. He did not and fell prey to the scheming sycophants and the misguided friends close to him. This was thousand of years ago.

Yesterday was the Ides of March and I had my warnings. I almost went the way of Caesar but clear sense prevailed and I was saved. Maybe I am being melodramatic but the 15th of this month is quite a date for me as it is closure of all the year’s finances for my company. In other words means that it is the last day to put in your claims. People who know me will realize how this is one of the most difficult chores for me. Nonetheless this time I grit my teeth and managed to find every damn bill from the whole of last year and (surprise, surprise!!!) managed to file all of them in TIME!!!

It saved me a hell lot of money and pleasantly surprised all people close to me (especially my darling). I even managed to get a few comments on my growing sense of responsibility and maturity. Luckily for me she does not know that I watched WWE at night. : D

Getting back to the claims part, is it just me who hates taking care of all the bills and making claims to the finance departments? An open question to all of you. Please feel free to use the comments link to answer.

Monday, March 15, 2004

Dilbert RSS feed

For people out there who have a RSS feed reader(more about RSS here: Scripting News Feed and here: About Blogs, Atoms and RSS feed!) here is a great feed...daily Dilbert to your desktop.

Next gen browsers - Firefox!!!

Installed Mozilla Firefox today. It is the latest in the Mozilla chain. To be more specific Mozilla was an Open Source offshoot of Netscape, combining a whole suite of browser, mail and newsgroups readers, chat engine etc. Then the team cam up with a standalone browser called Firebird. The plus point was that as it was not a suite it was much lighter in its memory footprint. Now do to one reason or another (which can be found at their homepage) the name has changed to Firefox. His browser is a lean mean killing machine. Its footprint is really small and it has a whole slew of features attached. One very good feature is that we can use keyboard quote efficiently in this browser. Another plus-point is the concept of extensions, which are basically add-ons or bolt-ons, that can be attached to the browser for specific needs. One must try it out!!!

Sunday, March 14, 2004

once more refactoring of the page.

Many of my friends viewing this page in IE with lower resolution and medium text size were having to span width wise to read my blogs properly. I am not yet conversant with web designing, hence this stopgap arrangement. Once I clearly understand what my code is doing I might be able to make a more elegant look. Please comment if you are finding any problems with the layout of this page.
Please note that I have also changed the date format for the archives to make it less foreboding and added the poll as a link to the top of the page.

Saturday, March 13, 2004

1 down 4 to go!

India wins the first ODI. Made heavy weather of it but won it; and for now that is enough. The match was tense as usual (cannot remember the last time India had an ODI which was not nail-biting…ICC should give us special allowances since we make every match, even one’s with Kenya and Canada, a nail-biter).

Nonetheless for all the problems both teams had the match was great fun. It was to be expected that the ODI series is going to have batting friendly wickets but the totals amassed was way beyond expectations. It was a treat to watch Sehwag, Ganguly and Dravid play the innings they did. (At this point I just wanted to put forth a new idea…how about Sehwag gets only half his match fee if he does not last till at least the 25th over) However the innings of the day, and the one instrumental in a well deserving man of the match title, was the innings of Inzy. He has always been a person with immense potential but has rarely lived up to it in recent years. This innings was worthy of his legend and completely overshadowed all the other innings of the day, including a gusty from Youhana. Really shows how an Indo-Pak match can revitalize the players.

A special mention must be made of the crowd who made it a point to applaud good cricket irrespective of nationality. With such auspicious beginnings we could resurrect the greatest rivalry of all time. Here’s to a hope that all the other matches are played with equal enthusiasm (albeit with less mistakes and more accurate and tighter bowling) and healthy spirit of competition.

An aside, did anyone notice the look on Shoaib Akhtar’s face when he bowled out Dravid. He was happy for the wicket as signified by his upraised hands but I felt that his face betrayed a tinge of sadness for Dravid. This was the first time I have seen a muted celebration of a wicket by Shoaib. I guess it shows that the respect for a good cricketer knows no boundaries.

Footnote: Pak got back by winning the hockey game against India 4-2. Well you win some and you lose some.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

We are going to Athens :-D

India has qualified for the coming Olymics and so has Pakistan. Please read the story here: FOX SPORTS | Breaking News | Pakistan, India book Athens spots (March 10, 2004). Well done to our lads!!!

Scripting News feed

Continuing on news about Atom and RSS read this feed of Dave at scripting news Scripting News: 3/9/2004 Interesting reading to say the least. Maybe the last few blogs have felt very techie. It was not my intention, however a little knowledge would help one surf the net much more efficiently:)
(Of course the only minus point is that my page will miss the hits:( )

Changing the subject; looking forward to the India-Pak test series more than the onedayers. Nowadays with tests giving results onedayers feel like half the fun!!!

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

About Blogs, Atoms and RSS feed!

For people who are dropping in here, are interested in blogs but still are deciding whether they want to try their hand at blogging; as usual I say take the plunge. There are many blog sites that help you out. Sites like RediffBlog and BlogDrive seem to be the easiest for a person to start blogging. However I find BlogSpot most convenient primarily because it is connected to the Blogger engine, which I feel is the best. However to use this site to the best potential one needs to know some basic info of setting up web pages. Then you can really make a slick site.

However at this point you will still only have the functionality to put up your blogs. If you are using BlogSpot then you will have to use an external agency like Haloscan for putting up comments (Comments are integral to RediffBlog and BlogDrive) and trackbacks. More about trackbacks later.

One interesting thing that almost all of these sites provide is a functionality called site feed. This site feed is in one of two forms either RSS or ATOM. Read about RSS ( check for definition in this page ) here: What is RSS? [Dec. 18, 2002] and about Atom here: BLOGGER - Knowledge Base - What is Atom?. Basically both of these are protocols of representation of the data you put up. If this feature is enabled then every time you post, in addition to serving the new web page, the blogging engine also creates an XML feed of the page. Softwares like blog readers or blog aggregators can then read this feed. A blog-reader is just like a newsreader (I use SharpReader. Read more about it here: SharpReader's home page). It makes the job of a blog surfer very easy as the software collects all the latest blogs from all the sites you have subscribed to and you can read all his info from one program rather than having to visit each site. This makes for more efficient blog surfing. Read more about this at Can RSS Relieve Information Overload? and at How To Speed-Read the Net - Ditch your browser, RSS makes surfing for news a joy. By Paul Boutin.

Keeping this in mind it is the duty of every blogger to make the life of the reader a little bit easier by setting up this functionality for his/her site. If I am not mistaken this functionality is a default in RediffBlogs. In BlogSpot one has to go to settings/site feed and enable the functionality. For bloggers like most of us I prefer to give the full text but the choice is yours. I am sorry I have no idea how to do this for BlogDrive.

So all of you Bloggers and would-be Bloggers do not forget to add the feed. May our tribe increase!!!

P.S: BlogDrive users do have other plus points, like their Blogdrive Mini-MEditor . If you are a blogdrive user you really need to use this.

Monday, March 08, 2004


A quick blog at the end of a fun-filled and exhausting day. Managed to view LOTRTROTK in the theatre. Magnificent movie. No other words for it. Deserved all the Oscars it got. I was especially glad that I waited so long to watch it in the theatre(unlike certain other people About LOTR ;)) as the experience was excellent. Will not leave any links for this movie as you can easily google for it.
Schumi starts the season with a win!!! YES!!! Loved the race. The best thing was that this race proved nothing. My feeling is that it is going to be a close run thing this season, and Schumi is gonna win:D Was checking out the F1 mag in Crossword and read some excerpts of an article by Hakkinen about this season. He pointed out that he did not think that Ferrari had the best car. However he said that this was not good news for other teams as Schumi ends up driving even better when he has a car which is not performing to the best of it's ability. According to Hakkinen the secret of Schumi's success, and the reason he is such a dangerous competitor, is that he is driven and never gives up. He does not let the past colour his present and just keeps pushing on and on. These are he same reasons I love the guy. And before Raoul gets into the fray with the cheating part, I must point out that last year I spent considerable reading up on F1 history and I so not see the facts in the same light as he does:) Guess we can always agree to disagree!!!
Again no links as a simple google will get you everything you require.
Really sleep so I will sign off...G'Night!!!

Sunday, March 07, 2004


Hello folks. I started this adventure of blogging on the 18th of January. As is usual for many things I do I was pessimistic about the longevity of my blogging. Though it is still early days I am happy to find myself still blogging diligently, though the quality of my posts are erratic, to say the least. Today I read more into RSS and ATOM feed and felt that I was the right time for me to take stock and pen down a lot of stuff that I have been meaning to write for a long time.

I heard about Blogger and blogging sometime in 2002. At that point I was still quite confused with all the stuff happening on the net and was slightly overawed. I must confess that I have a Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde character with respect to technology. I am both a big techno-phobic as well as a techno-fanatic. Anyways everything be as it may, I did not get involved.

This year I got a new Internet connection at home and started to surf the net at home rather than in the office. During one of these nocturnal sessions, I suddenly remembered about my curiosity regarding Blogs. The name, which popped out of my head, was of course Blogger; hence I searched for a and started blogging. The intention at that point was to work on my writing skills by writing something everyday and try to live by that discipline. Writing regularly was something that a lot of people had advised me to do and an article in Joel’s archive(Joel on Software - Painless Functional Specifications - Part 1: Why Bother?: search for weblog in his page) just helped me make the decision. As writing on paper marinating some kind of Diary was not my style I decided on a blogsite. This site would also help me fulfil another to-do item of having a website. Work on the blogsite would help me narrow down what I wanted out of my website! Again, irrespective of all logic and reasoning and gut feel etc. I started the blogsite and by doing so made blogging an integral part of my everyday life.

I am my Ego and over time I have found out that I will do almost anything to win a bet or to escape being ridiculed. In my younger days this ended up being self-defeating, as I would do nothing innovative or different. Nowadays I am much more secure and confident and am not ready to throw myself off a cliff. My Ego normally helps me nowadays to maintain what I have begun and try to stick with it till it is successful. I took the same approach with my blogsite. On the 3rd day itself I had broadcasted the presence of this site to anyone who came in contact with me. I even went to the limit of actually setting up my site on people’s computers so that they had to read it. His helped me immensely as now I had an audience and I had to keep writing or face the ignominy of failure and the ridicule of almost everyone I knew. Yes! It is official, your reading and hits are the fuel that drives me to provide constant and consistent content on this site. Hopefully this site will become better with time.

In addition to the obvious advantages that I gain by writing daily, viz. Formulation of a personal say and better-written communication, I was pleasantly surprised by certain side effects:
1. Many of my friends started blogs of their own. This was very useful as I had my gang with me as we stepped into the big blog world,
2. Made new friends in this new world, friends who shared the same passion with me with respect to blogging, and
3. Felt a part of an ever-growing community. This was not something that I had envisaged (though looking back it was pretty evident that it would be so) and hence was all the more sweeter.

As usual I fumble for words to close this blog. Just wanted to create a milestone for myself with this blog. A point where I could stand on the rooftops and confess, �Yes! I am a blogger�. So what are you folks waiting for? Take the plunge; you have nothing to fear but bad grammar!!!

Saturday, March 06, 2004


The F1 circus starts all over again. Time for the passionate afternoons spent in front of the telly taking in the meow-meow races (If you concentrate while watching F1 you will realise that due to the Doppler effect one hears the sound of the cars as meeeeeeAAAAOoooooooon, sounds like a loud meow, doesn't it).

Anyway to kick off this joyous occasion I thought I would put up a poll for gauging who you think will be winning the Australian Grand Prix. So folks please feel free to vote in he poll set-up in the side panel. The poll is just below the archives section. It will be good practice for the coming elections:D

I am of course a Schumi fan and a fan of the scarlet car! What about you? But the new BMW does look kewl:D

cryptic crosswords anyone?

For people who love cryptic crosswords here is the free site you always wanted to go to: Free Crosswords Online!

Friday, March 05, 2004

Technical days are the best!!!

Today was a surprising day. Most of the time I try to keep my work away from this blog however this time it is something deeper than just work. We needed to work on this difficult piece of code and with pressures of deadlines ever present I put my hat into the ring and tried to help with my bit. In the process I touched a throbbing, wriggling, squirming, kickass code after a long long time. For almost a year I have been caught at the higher level(strictly in a management context) of things. This was the first time after eons that I had a day where I did not work on MSWord, MSProject or MSExcel and instead was knee-deep in code alongwith my experts. To say that the day was fun is an understatement. It was exhilirating. The sheer pleasure of reverse-engineering and adding comments which say " written by BK" was unbeatable. Added to all this pleasure was the fact that there were no client calls to diturb me. So for one day after a year I was happy, truly happy again. The withdrawal (from coding) is going to be that much more painful again:(.

Anyways enuff about me... lets see what our friends at Severely Confused Orangutans are doing by checking out these three articles : IBM ordered to provide SCO with code, documents - Computerworld & Document shows SCO prepped lawsuit against BofA - News - ZDNet & SCO Collides With Cars And Drivers (

Pawan, Ranjeet and Roadshakers!!!

Love to see my friends in print. Also it coincides with my bike melodrama:) so go on all you bike lovers and check out the following site : Royal Enfield - The Ride
And these guys travelled all the way from Punjab to Goa for the meet of Enfield lovers!!!

And now for Pakau time: I have been speaking of Yam and Bull for a couple of days now and have started getting dreams of Death in the form of Yama on his Buffalo. Ha ha ha! No ha ha??? Well!!! I did point out it was Pakau!!!

Orisinal : Morning Sunshine

For one really well-made site containing beautiful flash games try out Orisinal : Morning Sunshine. And for the Jigsaw lovers among you; try out Jigzone - Jigsaw Puzzle.

Thursday, March 04, 2004

Tribute to a Yam!

I have always loved the beauty of engineering, and nowhere else is this more manifest than in motorcycles. Somehow motorcycles are the point where we get a confluence of engineering excellence, pure application of physical sciences, machismo and personality. As people who are regular visitors would already know I am a big big fan of the Bull. If I might digress for a moment here; I saw Rover after quite a number of day and she looks kewl. Pawan had attached this single bucket seat and she looked absolutely fantabulous!!! Coming back on track, I am a big fan of the Bull. However due to different reasons I never had one. Nonetheless I never felt too bad cause I had Divya's bike to ride...a dyed-in-wool YAM(circa 1994ish). Now this is the best consolation prize ever. Riding on a Bull might be great for long distance but riding a yam in the city is the best experience ever. What is so good about the Yam you might ask? Where do I begin, the sheer acceleration, the linear curve of acceleration and deceleration, the nimbleness of its body, the sound of its engine(beautiful symphony, the kind dreams are made of) and the punishment it could take. Never have I found a more powerful bike (especially in the 2-stroke category) which can take the kind of abuse that a RX-100 can take. I am not allowed to ride bikes due to a groin injury. Due to this reason, I have not ridden Divya's bike for around 3 years. Divya is also not in Pune. In other words the bike has not been out for close to 3 years. Last month Divya's cousin came to Pune and wanted to use this bike if possible. I asked him to come and take it but conveyed my reservations on the state of the bike. When he came over we cleaned up the dust accumulated on the bike and then took it to a nearby garage. I assumed that we would need to spend a grand at least to get the bike up and running. Anyways left the bike at the garage and came back home. Next day in the morning when I visited the garage I found the bike all set up, shiny and back to its glory days. I was totally impressed with the garage guy(Pappu was his name, reminds me of Amit's Parker joke) On being asked what repairs had to be done, imagine my surprise when he tells me that he only had to do some minor work on the clutch. It seems he just pumped air into the tyres, filled the tank with petrol, rectified a small hitch in the clutch and the bike was ready to go. Imagine!!! She was in coma for close to 3 years and she starts up without any irritation. Now THAT is a piece of engineering!!!

Hence this ode to the Yam.

Links: none for today as I am not in the mood. However Raoul seems to be big time blog-surfing I thought I might introduce him to others. Raoul is my friend, nuff said:)

P.S: The yam I speak about on he top is the RX-100. I am a fanatic of RX-100s specially the one with the black tank with thin gold trimmings. Please do not speak of any other Yam model except the RX-100, they do not deserve to spoken on the same page as a Yam RX-100 or a Bull. Other bikes!!! Please let's forget we even thought of speaking about other bikes:D

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Links and an excuse!

I have been playing around with five ideas today which can potentially become blogs. These ideas are as diverse as ideology, bikes, elections, SDLC(Software Design Life Cycles for non techies) and LOTR. However I spent more time than expected getting through some software design links and am completely bushed. Hence I am going to take the easy way out by using my friend's hard work.

First Sujith has updated his site. Speaking of Sujith he should now rename his site from Title_TBD to B(ack)LOG :)
N'ways he has written a lot of stuff (conscience acting up???) this time around. I specially liked his LOTR article. Do not forget to follow the link in the article to another site where there is a spoof on LOTR. This site basically gives us a glimpse of how LOTR would have looked like had it been written by other famous authors. I specially like the Ernest Hemmingway version and the Meatloaf version. So what are you waiting for, open Sujith's site in a new window and read the article.

People (xcept Pawan and Sarat) have been all updating their sites with thought-provoking and interesting posts so please do move around.

Links of the day:

.Spent lot of time on Joel's site today going through his archive. Reading back on a certain article I followed his link to the following page nomo zilla. Interesting reading which gives us a perspective on how Netscape lost the web-browser war.

. Check out this page 2 + 2. The disenchanted articles are really good but this one was very well written. Again I am not in a position to judge it but it did bring back a lot of information I used to know about pi and phi and came to know about a concept called strange attractors. A must-visit.

.Continuing in the same techie frame of mind I ended up, yet again at Joel's site. As a parting link for the day visit User Interface Design for Programmers - Chapter 1. Well worth it!!! Check out this sneak preview "So that's what days were like. A bunch of tiny frustrations, and a bunch of tiny successes. But they added up. Even something which seems like a tiny, inconsequential frustration affects your mood. Your emotions don't seem to care about the magnitude of the event, only the quality.

And I started to learn that the days when I was happiest were the days with lots of small successes and few small frustrations.

Years later, when I got to college, I learned about an important theory of psychology called Learned Helplessness, developed by Dr. Martin E. P. Seligman. This theory, backed up by years of research, is that a great deal of depression grows out of a feeling of helplessness: the feeling that you cannot control your environment."

Of course the above extract is taken out of context, so go on, visit the site. It will be useful!

And Good Night all!

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Link round-up of the day - offshoring!

As expected Offshoring is one of the most important topics of discussion all across the different techie as well as non-techie forums, boards and blogs. One interesting solution that I found was by this guy, I, Cringely who has a very strong, yet quite logical sounding, opinions about almost anything under the sun. Nice site. Another fun site was: Make me one with everything.A must-read:D

The world's a stage...!

Reading Rohan's blog gave me a good feeling today. This guy is getting very good at writing a tight piece. As I was perusing his post I was reminded of how much I love drama, of the arts kind. Nowadays either drama is the what people call about soaps like Kkusum or it is what people do to get something.

However the drama I speak of is defined as : a play in a theatre or on television or radio. I really love plays. In recent years I enjoy watching Marathi plays on Alpha TV, though I find the language a bit tough. In earlier days I used to watch Malayali plays when drama troupes used to visit Vashi. However over a period of time I find that quality of plays have suffered and most profitable plays tend to be of the slapstick variety. There are many reasons for this downfall and maybe we can discuss these reasons in another post. The silver lining is that there are still plays being written and performed which are unique, serious and makes one question oneself. It is sad that these plays make up only 5-10% of the whole gamut but at least they are there.

As I have mentioned in the previous paragraphs I love watching plays. However what I love even better is reading them. There is an unique pleasure in reading plays. You are the director, the actor and the audience. Your imagination gets a complete workout. Reading plays is not like reading prose, primarily due to the inherent structure. Prose is not as easy to read aloud as are plays. Plays also tend to have more dialogues in them, these dialogues being very expressive as the dialogues have to convey a lot of emotions. In prose the writer is not bound by dialogues and can express himself more freely. However due to this lack of the spoken words prose is not fun to act out. This is the precise reason that despite the greatness of a novel it takes a skilled playwright to convert it into a great movie.

Though I like reading plays I prefer reading stuff like Shakespeare as prose because I find the Old English quite difficult. Furthermore over the years my patience is not what it used to be . More often than not modern plays irritate me. So nowadays to get my kick of reading a play to myself I read screenplays of my favourite movies. For e.g.. I have read the screenplay for Pulp Fiction at least 15 times. Another great script that I regularly read is The Dead Poet's Society.

I would highly recommend all of you to try reading screenplays out. Choose your favourite English movie, stop over at the sites pointed to by this search(Google Search: film scripts) and read the screenplay. It is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon indoors.

P.S:I glanced at my post again and am embarrassed at the way all my thoughts are just flying around without coming together. Specially after reading beautifully put ideas in other blogs. Got to keep trying harder. Maybe I need to implement reviewing in my blogs too:( :D Any advise?

Monday, March 01, 2004


As all of us know there have been three major data models, Relational, Heirarchic and Network. Over a period of time relational has got the lion's share as the choice of modelling a databse. Though I appreciate all the plus points this model brings I must confess a certain nostalgic longing for network databases and the network model. The reason for this nostalgia was that I felt immediately at ease with the network model (once one understood currency), specially the ease with which I could map the real-life context to the database. As I was reading Marin Fowler's bliki (blog + wiki) I realised where this prejudice of mine comes from. He notes in his post that though relational is the model of choice for databases most programmers and designers use network and heirarchic models while representing data within their code. He explores this thought further. I would recommend all of you to read his post : MF Bliki: DataModels

Ooops! No award!

Well well well, to make issues more interesting the Zee Cine Awards show had an auction for charity. My wife was quite suspicious about whether the person who won the bidding could afford it. I asked her not to be cynical. However she was right!!! Read on: 'Highest bidder' says it was a mistake.