Thursday, March 18, 2004

Manjrekar was the cause of our loss!!!

Call me paranoid, superstitious or any thing you want but I think Manjrekar was the cause of our loss against Pakistan.
It is a proven scientific fact (generalizing wildly and using lot of imaginative leeway of course!) that whenever Manjrekar comments about how great the Little Master is, and how difficult it is for bowlers to get him out, his wicket falls. Even this time just when Manjrekar mentioned that it looks like Sachin will be difficult to dislodged he got out...that too to the very next ball. And this is not the first time!!! I have seen this happen for the last 3-4 years. Sachin did not perform too well in the world cup due to Manjrekar. In Australia with no Manjrekar around Sachin flourished. So the secret to winning this series...bring Manjrekar home!!! And if possible ask him to bring along Sami and Shoaib too :)

But I see you are still not convinced. You say what about the good performances of Balaji and Powar? Well you can thank my wife for that. She studiously kept her head buried in the daily paper and that is the reason they flourished!!! Guess I am going to buy all the daily papers for the next match. My wife's ken will beat Manjrekar's ken any-day!!! :D