Sunday, February 13, 2005

Changes in Blogger Comments(for the better)

Folks, it seems like the Blogger guys have changed their comments strategy. Now anyone can comment with their own names/nicks without having to be a part of Blogger. So no more anaonymous nonsense. Hopefully it will not result in spam comments. I have a humble request to all of you. Please try this scheme by posting a comment or two as a test for this blog. I am specifically looking for non Blogger-member's comments.

While we are riding the comment trail it would be very gratifying if people who read me on news aggregators pop over once in a while to comment. just feels nice to actually know what goes through you mind when you read my posts (Note To Self : do unto other what you would want others to do unto you:))

Friday, February 11, 2005

My New 'Watering Hole'!!!

Hey folks, as you can see my entries here have been intermittent. One reason is that I have not anticipated the way this blog has taken shape. I had expected to put any crap here. However I seem to find myself trying real hard to be informative/interesting. In a way this has become what Robert Scoble calls a commentary blog.

Though unanticipated I like this new form. This is a place where I try to put up essays. A place where I can polish what little skills I have in writing, English, rhetoric and imagination - not necessarily in that order.

Nonetheless I still want to blog every other day pointing out some cool site I have visited, a cool gadget I know of, some one-liner comments on people's blogs etc. I would not like to crowd this blog with such postings. So I have started a new blog called Brij's Watering Hole.

This will be where I put arbitrary stuff. Check it out and enjoy it!!!
I do need to stock it up with feeds, permanent links etc. Should be ready by 14th Feb.

Thank you for your time:)