Monday, March 29, 2004

Manchester United 1 - Arsenal 1 !!!!!

Another draw between the Gunners and the Red Devil’s. Man! You need to have a pacemaker to see these two teams fight it out. You cannot rest till the very last minute. My friends Ranjith and Mandar were over to watch the match. Ranjith is an Arsenal fan and cam in Arsenal gear. Not to be outdone both Mandar and myself were wearing Man U t-shirts. So as one can imagine we had a great time watching the match.

However my honest opinion is that the match was Arsenal’s to win. They should have sealed Man U’s fate but let them go scot-free. I think Arsene tried to get defensive too early ion the second half. Arsenal was better when they were positive and attacking.

Anyways this result will not affect the leader board too much and Arsenal seem all set to win the Premiership this year However one is left wondering that the Gunners have still not managed to stamp their authority over the Devils.