Monday, March 29, 2004

I confess...

...I oogled at two beauties tonight.

The beauties in question were exquisite, powerful, tempremental and the pride of their owners!!!
One was the 500CC std. Enfield of Ranjith. Great vehicle. Got the phots...will try to post it soon. His bike has a military feel to it. I like that look a lot!!! Ranjith, lets here mor about your relation with her on your blog!!!

The other beauty was the new Indica bought by Mandar. Now this is one beauty with a large heart and a large bosom. The color of this vehicle was a very fine color of mettalic blue. I think the actual shade is called Amethyst Blue. One really smooth vehicle. 1600CC, Diesel engine, power steering, central locking, sony system...great vehilce. Good buy Mandar!

Cn't wait for my vehicle to come!!!