Friday, March 19, 2004

One more friend in the blogsphere!!!

I have been speaking of the usefulness of trackbacks to a lot of people and today I can show you a practical case. I had a trackback on the Dilbert feed and took the leap to the link mentioned. It was a page named DarthPedro: Random Thoughts. A well written and well maintained site.

Now before anyone jumps to a conclusion that I am writing this piece in a kind of I'll scratch your back you scratch mine attitude please allow me to continue.

Anyways I was going through his blogs in chronological order and ended up at the latest. Now please bear in mind that I was in his area due to the fact that the Dilbert feed connected with him and he wanted to help spread the word. Well the same feeling came to me reading his blog for the 17th as i was about Neil Gaiman. Don't know who I am speaking of? I will explain more in the next blog.

As I was saying trackback is good. Thanks DarthPedro for taking the trouble to use this service.