Friday, March 19, 2004

Neil Gaiman...the man behind Sandman!!!

Again Thanks to DarthPedro for pointing out this great man's weblog. Why is he great? Well just hop over to Darth's site(DarthPedro: Random Thoughts) to check that out. However in addition to all that DarthPedro has pointed out I must add my bit.

For me Neil Gaiman is GAWD for one thing and one thing alone...He made "SANDMAN". I am not in any way capable of giving a precis on the Sandman series. Suffice it to know that if you see the Sandaman comic anywhere, then beg, borrow or steal it as each of this comic is a reaaaaal trip. I kid you not!!!

It is one of the best series ever and really really deep. (please do not confuse this sandman with the sandman from the golden age of Marvel Heroes). So kiddos go out and get it!!!

You can find his blog here: Neil Gaiman's Journal