Monday, March 08, 2004


A quick blog at the end of a fun-filled and exhausting day. Managed to view LOTRTROTK in the theatre. Magnificent movie. No other words for it. Deserved all the Oscars it got. I was especially glad that I waited so long to watch it in the theatre(unlike certain other people About LOTR ;)) as the experience was excellent. Will not leave any links for this movie as you can easily google for it.
Schumi starts the season with a win!!! YES!!! Loved the race. The best thing was that this race proved nothing. My feeling is that it is going to be a close run thing this season, and Schumi is gonna win:D Was checking out the F1 mag in Crossword and read some excerpts of an article by Hakkinen about this season. He pointed out that he did not think that Ferrari had the best car. However he said that this was not good news for other teams as Schumi ends up driving even better when he has a car which is not performing to the best of it's ability. According to Hakkinen the secret of Schumi's success, and the reason he is such a dangerous competitor, is that he is driven and never gives up. He does not let the past colour his present and just keeps pushing on and on. These are he same reasons I love the guy. And before Raoul gets into the fray with the cheating part, I must point out that last year I spent considerable reading up on F1 history and I so not see the facts in the same light as he does:) Guess we can always agree to disagree!!!
Again no links as a simple google will get you everything you require.
Really sleep so I will sign off...G'Night!!!