Wednesday, May 19, 2004

With respect to mailing in the blogs!

I tried mailing the last blog from my place of work. It worked quite alright but I realised that there are some issues.

1. I use the Word attachment to draft the email in my office. This resulted in a lot of template code which came into picture and messed up my page, with the whole right side column moving to the bottom. Lesson: Use text emails to post to Blogger.

2. I have enabled Blogger comments. However as you can see the blogs which have been posted by email do not have these comments. Got to check out if it is something that I have not set or a problem with blogger.

One pointer for people who do not like to read the Help:

When you are sending a mail and are pretty sure that your company is going to add a trailer to the mail, just add "#end" after your post.

njoy Blogging.

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