Sunday, May 16, 2004

"I saw a movie" rap:)

Am in a mood for words,
and some rythym & some bass;
Bfore y'all doze
let me pick the pace.

Saw 8 mile this week,
yup, I know I ain't quick
but better late than never
to watch a good flick.

Liked the lyrical battles,
the in-your face wars;
some real kewl rappin
Not some lame MTV farce.

This rappers are dope
great jugglers of words,
a great sense of beat
flows through their blood.

If that's true hip hop
I am sold to tha plan,
show me some more,
of this man and this clan.

Now the movie was great
Meusic even more
It had that skill
to touch one's core.

So if you ain't seen this movie
get off your butts and go
to the nearest rental
to rent the next show

And if you want to act smarts
and disregard what I say,
like Lotta says,""F$@K YOU!
but have a nice day!!!"