Friday, August 13, 2004

The rivers roar in Pune

Mutha and Mula the twin rivers of Pune are raging. The two dams which stop these rivers normal flow has been filled to the brim by this years late, yet torrential, monsoon. The last time the sluice gates had to be opened the water level in the rivers were still less than they are now. The only time the water levels were more than this it was in the 70's and it was an all-out flood due to collapsing of a section of the Khadakwasla dam. So anyways, as I was saying the waters they are a raging.

This time around the Corporation has done a good job of warning the slum dwellers who were staying on the banks of the rivers; so there hasn't been any tragedy. In fact it has become the spectacle of the decade, with people thronging all the bridges to watch their gutters turn back into mighty rivers. I had a glimpse and it was frightening. The river looked ugly and beautiful at the same time. The only reason I could reflect of the beauty in the powers of the water is because I had my feet firmly rooted on terra firma, the river a mere side show in my everyday life.

What it would be to be in the centre of that turbulence? How one must feel when this giant just rolls over your land, your home, your loved ones? Chilled to the bone I was at such thoughts. Scared to death to even visualise myself in those waters! Gives one a clear perspective!!! Nature always manages to do that!

Now the rains will abate in a matter of weeks, the dams will close their gates and the river will become a gutter again. I will miss the river. I have laughed at its sorry state from the day I landed in Pune 6 years ago but today it humbled me. It explained to me that its sorry state was the sacrifice that was made by it for the betterment of the children of the land. Today it showed me what it had sacrificed. I will miss the river. It taught me a lot in while merely passing by. Nature does that!!!


Anonymous said...

Those with homes on the embankments there should have thought before constructing their dwellings there... the water has the right of way, and if it's is not let out of the dams, ... well, lets not talk about that.


Anonymous said...

Brij, I would have loevd to see that river in its present state. Wish it could be full and clean for ever as river Thames and I could take a cruise.

Sujith said...

GlitchBhai, wapis aane ka kya lega?

\n said...

i can answer that for u.. Philips HP850 headphones :)


Anonymous said...

Been a while ...

Don't leave the fans hanging.


Soumya said...

Hello- long time no read...come back to blog-land soon! - svr