Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Alto :: Let's Go

Many of you already know this; nonetheless as a matter of record I just wanted to point out that I have bought my first car. It is an Alto LXi version. The site is Alto :: Let's Go.

When I was buying the alto it came in 3 trims, LX, LXi and VXi. LX version had the same engine as the Maruti 800, a 796 MPFI engine. However it had A/C and a 5-speed gearbox. Maruti had discontinued the 5-speed 800 and Alto takes it's place. The next trim is LXi, which comes with an electronic power steering. The next trim is VXi, which was way too costly for me. This trim came with the Wagon R 1000cc engine with 67bhp. My trim only gives 45bhp(more than enough for the city...and the way Venky uses his 800 should be good enough for the state highways.)

The Alto comes with no extras so I managed to convince the dealer to put in some extras, viz. Rubber mats, steering wheel covers, side skirts, lighter and mud flaps. I also put in around 20 grand more to get myself a Pioneer music system, about which I have spoken in much detail earlier, a security system(NIPPON Maruti OEM) with central locking, tamper alarm, impact alarm and ignition lock and Goodyear tubeless tyres.

The future, well in the future the two things I am looking for is a tachometer and alloy wheels. However that will be some time in the future.