Saturday, April 24, 2004

The BMan is on GMail

Hey dudes, I am on fact I have been invited to be part of Gmail...ain't that kewl!!!

Well the reality is that since I am a user of Blogger (which is owed by Google) I was invited (as I expect every Blogger account holder to be) to be part of GMail as an user. Nontheless I am pretty excited as I really wanted to check this service. In fact I had spoken earlier about it in the blog About Gmail. Especially since it will use google search internally. One pluspoint of being early joinee is that I got my fav. brijwhiz handle :)

So all you Blogger users, check out you front page of and get on to GMail.
For others, if you are still not on this service do not fret, I will try to get back with a review of the service.

Regards to all!!!