Sunday, July 18, 2004

A Time for R&R.

I took time out from my work during the first week of July. The month before (in fact the whole year before that) had completely sapped my energies and I desperately needed to rest. Since Megz had joined a new place of work there was no way she was going to get a leave. Hence there were no travel plans. Instead I spent the week in a different kind of paradise. All I did throughout the week was sleep, eat, play on the Playstation 2

Great week!!! I have lots to write about it, which I will try to put down here in the coming week. There are things I want to speak about Movies, about games, about computer science, about quarter life crisis etc. Let me see how much of this I actually put down on paper.

However there is one very important thing that I thought should be mentioned right here right now. All you people out there please do not underestimate the requirement of rest. Your body requires it, your mind requires it; hell!!! I am sure your soul requires it. Taking a break completely cut off from the world is very useful to clear your head. It gives you time to question your perspectives on life and change it if required. It gives you an opportunity to work out the priorities of your life, to work out the depth to which you are ready to get involved with things. One may not come out with a great revelation of life after such a break; but it does reboot your systems.

I deserved such a break and so do all of you.


Anonymous said...


- Neville

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back...
I justtook a long break...i don't know if i deserved it...but none the less...It was awesome...

- Pawan