Sunday, February 15, 2004

Valentines, Vasantutsavs and Game Endings!

Happy Valentine's day!!! What does it mean??? My friend Mya greeted me today(Thanks milady) and that I did not mind; for I know she says it from her heart. For people like her it is a day for reaffirming the loves and friendships of her life. If that is what Valentine's day means I am all for it. But please spare me the cards and roses and cute stuff. I love my beautiful wife and I love my elders and siblings and I love all my friends and I do not need a specific day to say this to them. I specially do not need a day which is designed to get me feel guilty if I do not loosen my purse-strings.
BUT: but; I am not for banning it either. All we need is a little moderation so that the true meaning of the day comes. What we specifically do not need are hoodlums try to act as the protectors of our morality. Hey dudes I am in charge of my own morality and I am not gonna stand here waiting for you to tell me to celebrate Vasantutsav!!!
Anyways I will stop here. Else my ranting will really take too long what with the 13 Friday bull and then this Valentine/Vasantutsav issue. As if there was no bigger problem that we have.
I was going to speak about Game endings but I think I will take a break and get back to it in a short while.