Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Red carpet to my home!!!

Well not exactly a red carpet, in fact not even close...but it feels like one to me...I am talking about the new road to my house. For close to 4 years I have had to suffer navigating trough different forms of craters to get to my place. This state of affairs has resulted in untold miseries for me, affecting both my health and my wallet. We have tried many a time to speak with our corporator about this. Each time there is an assurance but nothing happens.

So imagine my surprise when suddenly, around two weeks ago, the 500 metres stretch of broken rubble was suddenly transformed into a smooth tarred road; in a single day!!! It seems they used some kind of machine which does this kind of work rapidly. Guess the municipality must have bought a new machine,otherwise they would have surely used it before. Of course this was my optimism speaking.
For suddenly I realized that there was lots of things happening, six lane highway works were being completed rapidly, the sewers were getting cleaned, new pipes were being laid down and yes, even small little lanes were being given a new face. Slowly my ever-present cynicism took over and I tried to think why so much development was happening so rapidly.
It was at this point that I started catching up with the daily news again and it struck me like a pile of bricks. But Of Course!!! The elections were approaching! I did not know whether to laugh or cry. Felt like Laxman's common man. Then I switched on my basic Bombay brain and rationalized, the road was made so let's leave it at that and not think of the sad situation of our khaki-clad rulers!
But inspite of this normal rationalization I could not help thinking about this everytime I traveled this path. And at the end of all this thinking I have decided that the only way our people will get the government's attention, and get what they deserve, was to appeal to the election commissioners to hold elections every year:D