Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Diary entry.

Here is a sneaky entry for the sake of maintaining a diary of events for my own sake:) Olly was here in Pune this Saturday, alongwith his girlfriend. Sangram and Nev also accompanied him. Due to work load of others in Pune I was left with the pleasure of showing them around. Pune isn't really very high on number of places to visit. Nonetheless had a great day and hope everyone else enjoyed it.

I remember going to Bangalore and then taking Sujith around. I found it surprising that he was visiting a lot of places for he first time with me though he was in Bangalore for over 3 years. Well I got a dose of the same medicine. After 5 years of staying in Pune I visited Sinhagad for the first time, thanks to Olly's visit. When I think back I realize that I have visited all the tourist spots of Bombay primarily in the process of showing it to some guest who had come to see Bombay. Interesting how one never gets time to visit such sites due to the daily grind of everyday life (or laziness; take your pick!)