Sunday, February 22, 2004

FilmFar(c)e Awards!!!

Yes Yes I did watch the awards(groans!) live(crazy!!) on SONY(Bonkers!!!). Well I am a sucker for films and this is supposed to be the awards of the people and had some friends over, so anyways I watched it...and cringed...and wept...and thundered...went into a coma...went loco............

First off what the F$@k was Archana Puran Singh doing...her jokes were flatter than Sidhu's puns...and that is saying a lot! Shahrukh and Saif did provide some relief; though it wasn't their best performance. And all, and I mean ALL, the stage performances were PATHETIC!!!

However that's fine...I mean this is an awards function and awards are what we came here it does not matter we did not have a single decent performance(or at least a Janet incident:))

So lets move on to the awards. First, I have a major gripe with all of this special awards like MOTOLOOK and POWER awards. I mean what in the name of hell are these awards for, except for trying to keep everyone(read stars) happy. If there is so much money to put on new awards how about the POWER award for the best spotboy or the MOTOLOOK award for the best performance by a double. Now that would make much more sense. Anyways moving on the POWER award was presented to Shahrukh and Amitabh, the significance of which I did not completely grasp at the time; and looking back now it was actually brazenly obvious. The obvious point was that they were not winning any more awards that evening.

First the best Actor-Critic's award went to Hritik Roshan. Hey I like that guy(I am a big KNPH and Mission Kashmir fan) but I found his work in Gaya pathetic. That's saying a lot if I am saying it as I am a sucker for Bollywood as my earlier articles( Kal Ho Na Ho... & Fill In Blog) clearly show. I saw part of the movie the other day in some channel and that was enough to put me off the whole movie. Most of the time a mentally deficient character or a retarded character is much sought after by actors for the possibilities it gives them. We have had sterling performance in such roles by stalwarts like Dustin Hoffman(Rainman) in Hollywood and even in India stars like Sridevi(Sadma) have given such performances with elan. Put Hritik's performance in front of this and it is like Kareena trying to be Karishma(talking about Kareena she got another "special" award for her role in Chameli...guess Shabana Azmi and Smita Patil would have got a great many "special" awards for their earlier movies if non-actors like Kareena can get them). Hritik is a good dancer but an over-actor. For such a performance to get a critic's award was shocking in front of the Big B's performance in Baghban, Shahrukh's performance in Kal Ho Na Ho and Ajay Devgan's performance in Gangajal. To add insult to injury he did not even come to receive the award, as if it was second-best and not worthy enough for him.

But the worst was yet to follow. The popular actor's award was again given to !!! Hritik !!!(for which he came bouncing up the stage) If this is really what the people like then for the first time I have completely lost touch with the populace of my country. I mean the best part of Koi Mil Gaya was Pretty Preity but Hritik!?!?!?! I totally give up...I am an Amitabh fan but I seriously thought that the people would go for Shahrukh. Of course there is always a doubt this was indeed the people's choice and there has been no scam!!!

Anyways, that was the last filmfare awards I am going to ever see. The only award ceremony which I might watch in the future is one which will be on the lines of the Screen Guild Awards where peers give awards. That I guess will be the true award for good work in the film industry.

Enough of my rant...had to get it out of the system :)
Thanks for our ear...rants and raves welcome as usual.