Friday, February 13, 2004

So many talking ... how many listening?

It seeems like today all my posts depend on other blogs. This ones about talking and listening and opinions galore. If everyone shouts from the rooftops who listens? Does anyone care? These are some of the issues that my dear friend Sarat tackles in his Feb ramblings here So many talking ... how many listening?.
Frankly I have never had an original idea, let alone an original opinion. But then opinions are normally formed due to circumstances, company and context. Nonetheless I consider myself to be very weakly-opinionated person. I mean I can fight for months for end for a certain cause but if some one shows me something which proves me wrong I am every ready to join the opposing gang. People call it shifting but I call it being true to what I think. I see no point holding on to an idea that I do not believe in myself. However I hate to be rude in my opinions. I normally do not consider any idea of mine to be important enough to hurt someone. I prefer to be civil rather than honest. I think honesty is not something that somebody deserves automatically. I am brutally honest to only those people who warrant it. I find no reason to be honest to everyone. Why should I sell my soul to the devil for no reason whatsoever. But I never lie. And it can be done; one can be truthful and still be civil. The trick lies in deciding how far into the truth one wants to delve. But we digress. We started with opinions and ended with a monologue of me.
Anyway my last words on opinions is that I really do not care. You have a right to yours and I am not interested, unless your opinion is interesting on its own! I reserve the right to accept what I think is right, and I am smart enough to check out the flip side too. And that is all I recommend. Walk in the other person's shoes, look at the point from another perspective. And if you still end where you were then well and good, else it's time to change you opinion.