Thursday, February 05, 2004

Back to reading

After a long hiatus(I know! I know! Can't get the word out of my head!) I am back to reading. Started with a book which was pending for a long time...God Among Ruins by Leon Uris.

Went to crossword to get some more books. Got the following:

1. English, August- Upamanyu Chatterjee -- always wanted to get the book after seeing the movie. It is anyday better than stupid books like The Inscrutable Americans.

2. A Writer's Nightmare - R.K.Narayan -- Once I saw the book on the rack I could not resist it. It is a collection of essays by him. I love the unpretentiousness of his language and the way he leads up to ideas. Truly the only other person who can get ideas across in fewer strokes is his brother.

3. The Great Indian Novel - Shashi Tharoor -- Do not know much about this one except that it was suggested by a person with good taste. So let me see how it turns out.

4. Sholay, The making of - Anupama Chopra -- From the time this book hit the market I had to get it. It is a good book. Why buy it? Well! If you have to ask; you will never understand:D

So in this manner I am set up for the next month. YES!!!

To close todays blog an extract from the fourth book which bought a smile to my lips when I visualised it from college days, " In canteens across the country, collegians still echo Gabbar when they notice a budding romance: ' Bahut yaarana hai'."