Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Round of some news!

Was going through Google news and the following news interested me so I Thought I would share it with all of you.

First off the fishy connection. Just today evening I had most delicious fish fry made by my friend Parag's mother. It was lip-smacking. You must understand that though I am a certified carnivore, and can eat just about anything, fish is my absolute favourite . So here I am thinking back on the fish when one of the first stories that strike my attention is Fishermen get space guides. Nice to know that technology is used for the common man. However I am worried of what this means to the marine ecology!?! I hope the fisheries think of that too. Which brings me to another rant. My mom's place is on the shores of Vembanad Kayal in Kerala. Now Vembanad Kayal is he biggest backwater in the land of backwaters. As is obvious there is a flourishing fisheries industry here. Also almost every other day we have fish to eat. However the fisheries send the best fish for export and what we end up with are the second best. Same thing is repeated everywhere, for eg. with mangoes and bananas. Almost feel like there should be a reservation quota for edibles which are exported:D
From small fry we jump to big fish and how Laloo is very unhappy that Vajpayee asserts that he is Atal and not a Bihari:) Check out the link!
Atal's Bihari comment upsets Laloo.

That's all I found interesting:)