Saturday, February 14, 2004

Microsoft - Up or Down

This weekend is fast turning into a MS weekend. Yesterday we heard of them wanting to open their code to our govt. and now we hear that there is no need as their code is already available on the Net:D Frankly I still do not want that have to go through all that polish notation is much more torture than getting punished by the FBI Here is the link: Net file-swappers snap up Windows source code.
And if that was not enough check out this article where Gartner has problems with Microsoft: Gartner Questions Microsoft's Commitment To Operating-System Security.
So it seems like Friday 13 was not too good for MS. However there is a silver lining as it seems they will benefit a lot from Comcast's bid for Disney by either supporting it or bidding against it. Check out the link Microsoft a winner Comcast-Disney deal