Thursday, February 19, 2004

Too tired to write; too happy for words!

Too Tired for words,
that was me yesterday night. Had a long day at work. This was followed by a trip to my Vashi home in the 23:30 bus reaching my destination at 2:30 am. I know most people would find this crazy but I am pretty much a nocturnal animal and prefer travelling in the night rather in the early morning:) Its better to reach late and go to sleep and wake up at your own time, sipping tasty bed-tea made by mama:) Anyways though I had a fun time with Magi and Minu and Sanju bhai I was too tired to think:). Hence the break:D

Too Happy for words,
due to an accident involving a Sumo jam packed with people. Before you start to chew off my sadistic butt allow me to explain.
I was on my way back to Pune in a MetroLink bus and we were on the Bombay Bangalore highway just past the inofsys junction(for people who do not know the geography of this are, on a major arterial road and closing in onto Pune) The movie LOC was going on, and everyone was asleep. I was drowsing lightly and had noticed that we would be reaching our stop in 20 odd minutes. Suddenly the bus driver braked massively and everyone got jolted and woke up. However before even a single person could utter the usual obscenities we saw the driver jump out followed by the cleaners/conductors. This lead our view to what the driver had seen; on the other side of the highway where we saw a massive smashup of a sumo fallen into a ditch. The vehicle was careening at a 45 degrees angle and was choc-a-block fille with people, lots of kids and ladies wailing. What happened next made me a proud man. Everyone was out of the bus in 2 seconds flat, people were pulling out the kids, and more people were coming running from nearby shops. In fact by the time I reached the vehicle, which must have taken me two minutes(it took me a few seconds to wake up and have enough clarity to recognize that help was needed) there were enough people gathered around to push the vehicle upright. Alongwith other people I was gratified to see that though the Sumo had a massive bang-up almost everyone was unhurt with one or two having some bruises. Shock and hysteria was the only problems. But by then the nearby villagers had started to calm the passengers and all the good Samaritans having done their bit started back for the bus. In 3 minutes after that we were all seated and started towards Pune, people going back to their sleeps. I drowsed off too, a very happy and proud man, to be part of this specific group of people.