Sunday, February 29, 2004

Round-up of the week

Well this time I have a very eclectic selection of links for all of you to peruse.

Let us start with Software. Over the last few days I have been having certain conversations about whether one should develop in admin mode(or login) or not. I do agree that there are certain times when it cannot be avoided. However I am slowly coming around to the view that as far as possible one should not log-in as an admin to develop. Logging in as an admin is a security risk, any which way you slice it. Furthermore at least debugging should always happen in the environment of the end-users and end-users are rarely logged on as admin. For any of you interested on how to work in a non-admin login in .NET just check out these link: A .NET Developer's Guide to Windows Security: Item 9: How to develop code as a non-admin. To know more about the gulf between end-users and system designers(or generally geeks) read about The Luxury of Ignorance: An Open-Source Horror Story. In other news there is talk of Oracle taking over Peoplesoft and Oracle is challenging justice antitrust suit. Oracle + Peoplesoft...whoa that will be one powerful corporation!

Tony Blair does it again! He is in trouble yet again for accusations of receiving transcripts of Kofi Anan's personal calls. It seems like Bush is to blame actually but Tony cannot say that leading to a peculiar situation where his status with the UN Secretary-General, with whom Britain was quite close, is in a soup. Read more here: Britain's spying shame.

Closer home, Koi mil gaya swept away most awards at a star-studded show in Dubai where the highlight was Indo-Pak friendship. I heard quite a bit of the show and the highlights were Javed Jaffrey and Omar Sherriff(of buddha ghar pe hai fame)Hrithik, Urmila bag top awards - The Times of India . In unrelated news
Kanchenjunga Express rams truck, 9 killed - The Times of India.