Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Fiero Owners and their Fiery Rants:D

Hello folks! Hope this weekend treated most of you favourably. I had a most hectic weekend but ended up very happy at the end of it. There was a huge personal happiness and an equally huge professional one. Made a new friend and my delivery went on schedule. However by the end of it I was too exhausted to blog. Sorry Parag:)

One more happy moment was seeing my friend start his own blog site. This is one energetic person and his ideas are like him, strongly opinionated, fiercely independent and with just the right touch of humour. He has already started making excuses but I have a strong premonition(;)) that he will stick to it. It will of course help if you step into his parlor as it will give the kid an impetus to continue. His site is Piscean.

Anyways the title of this blog has to do with his article Terrific Traffic. Just wanted to tell him that my wife easily hits 65kms/hr in Pune, that too on a 75cc bike. What was that about sissy Fiero owners? :D