Monday, January 19, 2004

Slow And Steady

Folks, I wanted to speak today about the beautiful game of chess and one of the best ways to play it - correspondence chess. In this kind of chess a person used to make a move and then send it by post to his opponent who would then take his own time to answer back. Sounds real glacial?:) It is!!! But at the same time for people who love the game and want to play it at pleasure this is a most fruitful pursuit. No time limits to meet, no pressure to make idiotic moves, all the literature available to browse through. No wonder correspondence chess mostly end in great games of strategy with nary a mistake made. Nonetheless it is slow and hence the section of chess lovers, viz. the beginners, who could learn much more from these games than from rapid play are rarely attracted to this form. However in the recent years this has changed and now the advent of the net has put a new spin onto this form. Basically we can play chess online but instead of it being real time between the two opponents this game can be played out at a time lag. In other words I could make a move today and my opponent could check it out on the website, mull over it for the next 2 weeks and come back with a good move. Normally the time within which the move has to be made can be configurable, normally between 3 days to 1 month. The 3 day game is in fact one of he best for people who do not want to think too much but have a normal life which takes up most of their time(sadly;)) Now all one has to do is give 10 mins a day to your favourite game by logging on, checking the moves made by your opponent and making your counter moves. 3 days lag helps us to go through the weekend without any worry of timing out:)
Interested, you could try out some of the sites I frequent. They are and
So make your move, maybe e4,eh!!! :D