Thursday, January 29, 2004

Data back!!!

Yup! For all who read my last blog and were concerned about my loss of assured. I have managed to retrieve the data and am a much relieved man tonight. For all who were concerned; Thank you very much. Also a big Thanks to all my friends who helped me out in this situation! I was gonna follow a strict no names policy but hey! What the heck!!! So thanks to Sujith, Karan, Ranjith and Rahul. Also thanks to my team for waiting patiently for the new build. I had to stop all my activities on my D: drive as that was were the deleted stuff was. So I guess all of you know what I am gonna do first thing tomorrow? No!!! Not the build; though I will do it soon enough. The first thing tomorrow morning, I will Backup my data!!! Once bitten, twice shy: as they say:)

~~~ tried to write a lame one-liner...Deleted it ~~~