Saturday, January 31, 2004

A sane voice!

Check out his reaction at slashdot. This is one sane person and he has an interesting observation to make.
(I copy-pasted the article as I did not know how to link just one reply. If any of you know how to do it please advise me)

Re:SCO probably wrote it (Score:5, Interesting)
by pjrc (134994) on Tuesday January 27, @09:48AM (#8099443)
( | Last Journal: Thursday June 27, @04:31PM)

"Since Mydoom has been identified as a variant of Mimail, which is largely believe to have been written on behalf of spammers and/or paypal scammers (apparantly in Russia), the most likely scenario is that the same group created Mydoom.

The attack on SCO is most likely just a diversion. A simple distraction from the actual goal... to turn millions of machines into zombies which can be used to conduct illegal activities (phishing scams), or can turned into email/spam relays to be sold to spammers.

It's already been established that Mydoom installs a backdoor and allows routing of tcp/ip connections to mask the identity of the originator. More or less exactly what scammers hoping to defraud ordinary people of banking details (phishing) need. Also the standard approach to turning machines into a valuable asset that can be sold to spammers in need of mail relays or "bulletproof hosting" for their websites that host the images all those spam messages reference.

Attacking SCO is a smart diversion.... especially if SCO takes the bait and publishes a flamebait press release (seems almost certain), which will of course provoke a response from the free software / open source communities. Lots of free press to help divert the anger of millions of (clueless) victims towards the very visible open source and free software people, and SCO, and away from the real criminals.

Judging from most of the comments here on Slashdot so far, it appears to be working perfectly. "