Saturday, January 31, 2004

MyDoom, another worm, same fools!!!

MyDoom MyDoom everywhere ... and f@$&=ups still do not protect themselves. As a result expect the whole net experience to feel like a walk through quagmire as mentioned in this article MyDoom Slows Web Performance. I think the article speaks for itself.

While you are at that site check out this article too With Friends Like These, Linux Doesn't Need Enemies. Gets one really pissed off, such people! I mean, hey, I don't want to take no moral stand. I remember as a teenager I was big time impressed by Morris. However at that point the reason for the rebellious nature was or the freedom to code...for the freedom to try out the internals of every beast we know. To use one's hacking skills maliciously is bad enough. For others of the fraternity to support is down right crazy. All this will do is frighten away non-technophiles from Linux. They must be thinking of a new movie title out there in Hollywood, 'The Gangs Of Linux'.

Anyways enough of ranting. Will be back after a break and some painting.