Thursday, January 22, 2004

Need More Speed ...

... then do not fret for NFS Underground is here.
First the necessary disclaimers:) What ever I am about to write is the product of my upbringing, inclination and choice and in no way is an absolute of any kind :D (Always wanted to say that:D )

Having got that out of the way let me tell you that NFS-Underground is absolutely fantabulous. First off let me stress that I am not the greatest car freak. The closest I come to speed mania is when I drive a Ferrari F1 in Hockenheim or am on a Superbike. The NFS series till date was only fun for the multiplayer element(Haven't tried Hot Pursuit 2). So when I begged a copy of Underground from my friend it was out of simple curiosity. I was in no way ready for the assault on my senses. The entry movie itself blew my mind off. After that it was a linear step-up of emotion for each race I played. I never ever thought that unlocking simple vinyls (thats the extras that you put on the car to give it a unique feel) would be so much fun. In fact I played the game 3 hours straight without even entering the underground mode.

And the underground mode is just too wicked. A Puneri friend of mine swears that Gulab Jamun with Ice-cream tastes like heaven. Well the underground mode is like that combi...does not seem like it is gonna be intersting or even fun but once you plunge into it one gets a kick at a completely different level. It's about attitude, it's about your ego, it's about your machismo and let me tell you dudes this mode will suck you in. There is always a little bit more you want to do before you shut the game for the day... minutes always turn into a couple of hours. I have spent more than 15 mins just thinking about which decal(sticker) to put on my car and that is saying a lot!!!

Anyways I do not want to tell the storyline of the game so I will cease my monologue...if any of you folks get a chance try this game out...if you are a gamer and even remotely love Speed you will be absolutely love this.

Of course Play At Your Own Risk. I will not be party to any divorce law suits...though I think my wife is gonna sue my friend for ever lending me the game :D.

Take care folks.

P.S: Blame this game for the lack of a blog yesterday and the day before;)