Wednesday, January 28, 2004

No Robin to welcome spring in Madras this year!!!

In midst of all the hustle and bustle of international cricket one important incident almost missed my radar. Robin Singh has announced his retirement from cricket from both international as well as first class cricket. Check out more using this link
Robin Singh calls it a day. Felt sad about that info. The number of time he has resurrected himself has been unbelievable. In fact Yuvraj reminds me a lot of Robin and it is indeed an indication of how time flies that people like Javagal Srinath and Robin Singh have retired. Well! Just wanted to point out the news.

In other news regarding the domestic scene the one thing which struck me that Kambli is playing very well in the Mumbai team. He has already hit 2 centuries and 2 fifties this season.

There is also another controversy wrt umpiring decisions in the Ranjhi Trophy.CAnnot remember the details but it was quite a stupid decision. Will get back with the full story once I check it again.

Talking about all this cricket has anybody noticed something funny about the new lingo doing the round for youngsters cricket. TV as well as newspapers are now terming the tournaments as if they were submarines For examlpe under-19's and under-17's are now specifically noted as U17 and U19 tournaments. When one headline ready Pakistan wins U17 clash with India I thought that war has begun again:)

that's all about cricket for the day.