Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Loss of !!!

Today was a tough day. Lost precious data by the erasure of my personal mail folder. I am pretty sure that I had not done it. However the stupid policy of my companies VSS team to keep a standard admin password makes it completely easy for any one to access my machine and delete something by mistake. Or else it could always be a virus. Is it a virus, I do not know! I know for a fact that my file still reside on the D: drive and hence do not want to touch that drive tilll I get a recovery program. One should be on it's way from a friend. Hopefully that should help; as a large portion of my work is in that folder!!!

Did I take a backup earlier; no! No!! NO!!! Yes I know that was pretty stupid of me but there you have it... I did not take a backup. The stress one goes through is not worth for all of you out there, let this be a lesson; keep taking regular backups of your personal folders and misc. data too.

Thats all for the day. Can barely keep my eyed open!