Saturday, January 31, 2004

Painting done!

Tried a new look. Nev thanks for your feedback, what do you say about this new look?. Sorry folks for all these changes, just cannot help playing around with code:) Nonetheless this look might stay for a while, till I change my mind again.

Sarat was speaking about the drive to continue writing and was concerned about whether this will just be a passing fad. To that thought all I can say is that I too have thought on the same lines. As far as I am concerned I am into long-term. Nonetheless it just get's easier to keep writing when folks like you add your comments. It would be fun to know what you like or dislike or do not care about this place or about the matter at hand. At least his way I know that apart from myself and my wife and a few people whose arm I twist; there are others out there who at least drop in from time to time:) No pressure!!! :D

By the way it's a funny coincidence that I am listening to Sting and the specific song- "It's Probably Me" and I am writing about Sarat. I apologize to the folks who did not get the significance of the last line. It's kinda difficult to explain if you do not know Sarat.