Friday, March 18, 2005

Shakti Kapoor! Bad Man!!!

What a hoolaboo!!! Lots more articles about how a pathetic old man tried to solicit sex for a role. Common enough story, don't you think? Lots of questions creep up in my head.

One, India TV actually felt it important enought to check out this story only for the good of the industry? I don't think so:) I think there are enough stories out there to catch if you are talking of investigative journalism. how about finding the people who Killed Dubey in Bihar? Too difficult for you to do. Here is another one, expose the politicians who pay money to create riots? Too risky. Well try exposes like Indian Express does. Do kids in cholls get their daily meals? Is there a cable operator mafia operating in Mumbai suburbs? Are kewl upper class kids realing selling dope? Do something useful for goodness case! I really am not interested in people who are ready to pimp themselves or solicit others to get into the glamour industry.

Two, What is the controversy anyways? The only decent way is for the person who was solicited to go to court and file for sexual harrasement. However she cannot do that as she was playing aling the whole time. The minus point - entrapment basically has resulted in a person who can never prove his innocence beacuse he will never get a chance. he will be lyched due to suspicion alone.

Three, How is this different from the Tehelka cases. Well defence secrets leaked, judges making arrest warrants against the President are surely in a different league. Even a sexual scandal is in a different league becuase there the favours ahnded over are whole constituencies not mere films.

Four, wy the f%$k should we have problems with two adults sleeping together? Why do we need to moralize at the drop of a hat?

Five, the biggest hypocrites are the Producer's Guild. it is almost like a Panchayat in the old movies. A suspicion is raised and they say "Bahar karo" The reason is even more laughable. They have not banned him for the deed, rather for speaking about Preety, Rani and Karan. Hey!!! dudes I don't care if the three of them have an orgy (though Karan does seem to have other inclinations) from time to time. They are only interesting to me in their work. If I like I watch, if not I don't. In fact thinking a little more it looks like all the producers have a guilty secret and that is the reason they have acted in such a haste:)

Well that's it! Got it out of my system. Now to clean the system completely by watching Black over the weekend.


Anonymous said...

cant agree with u more brij.. very inferior journalism and come to think of it rajat sharma is heading india tv (money does muddle your journo ethics).

anyways how you doing dude. its been a while.. pretty interesting blog.

hope life is treating you good.

take care

sachin shetty

brijwhiz said...

Hey Sachin!!! If you are my classmate from Agnels...Hellloooo How you doing? (Of course if I do not know you WTF???;))
Where are you?What are you doing? Get me some info man. Catch me at my gmail account with username being brijwhiz.