Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Back ...

...from the IT city. Lots of news and views to share. However it will take some time as it has been a hectic trip and I have yet to recover. Next week will be predominantly bangalore news, methinks. Anyway, this post was just to inform one and all that I am back. Will get back on the beat from tomorrow.

P.S: hey \n, sorry dude, missed calling you. I was gonna speak to you but then you were discussing something important with Suji and I kinda ran out of time (had to catch my train) Will try to catch you again some time.


svr said...

Looks like u had a fun packed trip!! Waiting to hear about it from you..
BTW...whats up with suji? did u crack the secret? :D

brijwhiz said...

Did I tell you I am a big big fan of "The Daily Source Code" - a podcast by Adam Curry. Just last week there was one of his podcasts and learnt a new meaning of the acronym 'NDA' The new meaning is No Damn Announcements. Of course as usual I have gone on a tangent and completely forgotten your question;)